ZonaReGGae BEST of ’09-The People ‘REVIVAL’ Choices TOP 10


!!!!REVIVAL Choices – TOP 10!!!!

Number 1

[16% voting]

Doobie SoundsAll Kinda Wall 2009 DubKey Records[net label]


Number 2

[14% voting]

John Brown’s BodyAmplify 2008 Easy Star Records


Number 3

[10% voting]

Root DiamoonsWith Other Eyes 2008 Brixton Records/Silver Bullets


Numbers 4

[7% voting]

GroundationHere I Am 2009 Groundation Music


Various ArtistsMore Univershall 2009 Springline Jamaica


Number 5

[6% voting]

The Ratazanas Ouh La La! 2009 Grover Records


Numbers 6

[5% voting]

Matic HornsIncrease The Peace 2009 Coptic Lion


David Hillyard & The Rocksteasy 7Get Back Up! 2009 Brixton Records


No More Babylon & FriendsRoots Meeting 2008 A La Folie


Number 7

[4,5% voting]

Kiddus IGreen Fa Life 2009 Makafresh


Numbers 8

[3,5% voting]

Pama InternationalHighrise Campaign 2008 Rockers Revolt


BenaïssaTables Turn 2008 Silver Kamel Audio/Jah Solid Rock

Number 9

[3% voting]

Ras ZacharriHerbs Man 2009 Shem Ha Bored Records

Numbers 10

[2% voting]

The Rockers Disciples & CholaCrossroads 2008 Uptown Studio,Urban Sedated


Various ArtistsNew Name 2008 Higher Bound Productions

24 Responses to “ZonaReGGae BEST of ’09-The People ‘REVIVAL’ Choices TOP 10”

  1. shem ha boreh records Says:

    blessed love

    give thanks for that (I think HERBS MAN album is more like Roots group)

  2. Daddy Dan Says:

    Love the BENAISSA cd .. Refreshing sound..

  3. johan hopstadius Says:

    Joel!! you rock!!

  4. miroos Says:

    big tunes – big releases

  5. Sir Tomas Says:

    Young and talent. Love him.

  6. Sir Tomas Says:

    Doobie Sounds – All Kinda Wall
    Great Sound – Great performance.

  7. Iffectz Says:

    Doobie Sounds – All Kinda Wall
    Ruff riddims maaaaaaaaad vocalists..

  8. Kingsize Says:

    Killer Album

    Doodie Sounds put Sweden on the Map

    More Love

  9. baze523 Says:

    one of the greatest conscious reggae album of 2009
    love it !!!

  10. Snussi Says:

    More love fi Doobie sound! Big up!

  11. Johny Says:

    Root diamoons, awesome!

  12. klo Says:

    matic horns !!!!
    henry buttons tenyue rules!

  13. alexander dechenne Says:

    amplify is the shit

  14. bassie1 Says:

    Great list of albums, but I gotta go with JBB!

  15. milobuttcakes Says:


  16. Michael Says:

    JBB rules! The record is good, but live is crushing!!!

  17. Mid's Eye Dub Says:

    ALL KINDA WALL rules!

  18. Pete Cogle Says:

    Pama Intl
    No More Babylon
    John Brown’s Body &
    Taj Weekes


  19. youri van driessche Says:

    Very, very, very difficult to choose….

  20. selector bogdan Says:

    biig up
    jes! all kind off wall in babylon

  21. Ryan (Branch Out Music.Com) Says:

    Amplify is one of the best reggae albums I have bought in the last 2 years. Keep the vibes alive!

  22. E-Ski Says:

    JBB, the hardest working band in the reggae biz!

  23. Sir Tomas Says:

    The Winner Takes It All.
    All Kinda Wall

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