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ZonaReGGae Playlist 01 Dezembro 2010 – BEST of ’10 1st sound Review!

December 2, 2010

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01_Cas Haley – Better (Michael G ESAS remix) Connection 2010 Easy Star Records

02_Prince Jazzbo – Imposter single mp3 promo 2010 Ujama Music /D.I.A. promotions

03_Prince Jazzbo – Shere the Foodsingle mp3 promo 2010 Ujama Music /D.I.A. promotions

04_WebCam Hi-Fi feat.Ranking Trevor – One Program10” (mp3 promo) 2010 Tube Dub Sound Records

Dub Caravan presents: Strike a Blow digital release 2010 Dread Camel Records Dub MED free download @
05_Dub Caravan feat.Ras Zacharri & Root Souljahz – Strike a Blow
Dub Caravan feat.Hornsman Coyote – Strike a Horn

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1st 2010 sound review – The Albuns of The Month Choices –

Solo Banton – Walk Like Rasta (mp3 promo) 2010 Reality Shock Records
06_Solo Banton – Revolution Time
07_Solo Banton – No Way

Cultural Warriors present Classic Reggae Recut Chapt.1 2009 Cultural Warriors Music
08_Cornell Campbell – Natty Dont Go
09_Earl Zero – Righteous Works

Pablo MosesThe Rebirth 2010 House of Moses,Grounded Music
10_Pablo Moses – Born to be Bad
11_Pablo Moses – Jah is watching You

Apple Gabriel –Teach Them Right(mp3 promo) 2010 JahSolidRock & Not Easy At All Productions
12_Apple Gabriel – Give Them Love
13_Apple Gabriel – Gifted Ones

Horace AndySerious Times(mp3 promo) 2010 Minor7Flat5/ iWelcom promotions
14_Horace Andy – Cool it Down
15_Horace Andy – Rumours of War

DubmatixSystem Shakedown 2010 Renegade Media
16_Dubmatix feat. The Mighty Diamonds – Give a Helping Hand
17_Dubmatix feat.Jay Douglas – Celebrate my Love

Pama Intl meets Mad Professor Rewired in Dub 2010 Rockers Revolt
18_Pama International meet Mad professor – Justified Dub
19_Pama International meet Mad professor – I Still Dub You More

FC Apatride UTD Firing the Truth 2010 Urban Sedated Records
20_FC Apatride UTD – Nah With ‘Em
21_FC Apatride UTD – Selling Illusion

Anthony JohnsonDancehall Victory 2009 Rupa Rupa Records
22_Anthony Johnson – Africa
23_Anthony Johnson – Life is Not Easy

ToussaintBlack Gold 2010 I Grade Records
24_Toussaint – Sunshine in Morning
25_Toussaint – Marching

Ossie Dellimore Reggae Music (mp3 promo) 2010 Skank Records
26_Ossie Dellimore – Caribbean And American
27_Ossie Dellimore – The Secret To Success

Freddy Locks Seek Your Truth 2010 V&A
28_Freddy Locks – Felling Roots
29_Freddy Locks – Seek Your Truth

-ZonaReGGae BEST of 2010-The People Choices Voting Poll –
1st 2010 sound review – The Albuns of The Month Choices –

Cas Haley – Connection 2010 Easy Star Records
32_Cas Haley feat.Josh Heinrichs – Here I Come
33_Cas Haley – Connection
34_Cas Haley – Take a Chance


ZonaReGGae Reviews…PABLO MOSES ‘The Rebirth’

October 9, 2010

Pablo Moses The Rebirth 2010 House of Moses/Grounded Music/IWelcom

2010 will be a year to remember in Roots Reggae music taking in consideration the many Jamaican foundation roots veterans, coming back with new recordings! If promised for the coming times there are releases from names like: Earl 16, Apple Gabriel, The Maytones or Tetrack(!), we can already rejoice with new music from Anthony Johnson, Horace Andy,The Congos, Earl Zero, Don Carlos, Winston Jarret, Clinton Fearon or PABLO MOSES!

With more than 30 years of presence in reggae music, Pablo Moses never seemed to be very worried into releasing lots of music and albums, but preferred to bring out original, conscious and mind opening material, every time!

Achieving a kind of cult status wid his first 3 releases Revolutionary Dream (1976), A Song (1980) and Pave The Way (1981), Pablo Moses assured a place for ever in Jamaican Roots reggae history, even if we cannot really place him into the foundation line up of artists…

I myself like to tag him alongside artists like Kiddus I, Burning Spear, Native or Bob Marley, as one of the most accomplished and gifted songwriters of Jamaican reggae music, always shouting for truth and human rights in a activist, controversial and intelligent way.

Despite the many year he was away from the studio recordings(15 since the last Mission!), Pablo Moses keep on spreading his music touring around the world, and more recently he came back to the spotlight wid the 2004 reissue from his Pave The Way release, and last year featuring as guest in Groundation’s latest release ‘ Here I Am’.

As the songwriter he is, also kept on writing new music, waiting for the right time to release it, and that time as arrived with the new ‘The Rebirth’ (April 2010,House of Moses/Grounded Music).

As always, all brand new original tunes, totally roots oriented wid just the right amount of modern clinch, to make dis one of the Roots Reggae releases of the year!
Surrounded by a top all-stars line up of musicians like, Sly & Robbie , Skully & Sticky Thompson, Robert Lyn, Franklin ‘Bubbler’ Waul, Dwight Pinckney and Dean Fraser playing a big role in horns, production and even back vocals, this is surely The Rebirth of a legend, that keeps on going with the same attitude, perseverance and originality as 30 years ago!

Pablo Moses spreads a powerful reality check, all over The Rebirth, in his everlasting alike horns chanting style, teaching about Human Rights and worlds greatest injustices in a true activist way!
From the amazing open track Born to Be Bad, we can see Pablo Moses also stands out strong on his point of views and feelings; and chanting down oppression and violence are his main concerns as shown on tunes like So Much; Guns or More Than You Can Chew.
Pablo Moses also included some lovers style words in Have to Leave or the nyahbingi driven They Can´t Undo.
Devoted points of view also take place in the rockers style Jah Will Make a Way, and Jah is Watching you; as efforts to bring hope and optimism in tunes like the beautiful Got to Make a Way, Can Make a Living, Don’t Drop Out or the ska grooved We have The Capability.

Favourite tune is hard to choose, but the feeling for Africa as his Mother Land in Mama Yeah, as to stand out, for the genuine sense you get by listening Pablo singing:

“I remember you my mother,
You gave birth to my Culture.
I remember you my mother
How foreigners make you suffer.
You have sustain
so much pain,
Yet you inspire
Never retire
You grive and cry
But never die
You were dishonored
But never conquered”

I believe it´s not easy to bring out an album that, dealing with some many important and often lightly outspoken subjects, also sparks a positive and optimistic vibe, and Pablo Moses still has what it takes to do it again!
As you open the CD cover a statement reads: I AM A RASTAMAN THE OUTLAW!
And he´s back!

Not he´s just back, as his oldschool vibes are just now being reissued, wid the acclaimed Revolutionary Dream & A Song albuns coming back to life, wid renowned Jim Fox engineer, remastering work, and Groundation front man Harrisson Stafford liner notes!

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Revolutionary Dread & A Song reissued

Pablo Moses website

Free Download The Rebirth single ‘Born to Be Bad’