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ZonaReGGae Playlist 21 Novembro 2012

November 23, 2012

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01_Fred Locks – Walls(‘Black Star Liner’) 1975 – Fred Locks: Reggae Legends Box (mp3 promo) 2012 17 North Parade/Greensleeves Records/VP Records
Fred Locks – Wall of Dub (from ‘Black Star Liner in Dub’)

02_Barry Ford – Rebel single 2012 MapMusic

03_Legend Live – Love is What we WantFighting For Survival 2011 LLMusic

04_Resonators – Gold GetterThe Constant 2012 Wah Wah 45s

05_The Majestic – Too CoolEP (mp3 promo) 2012 The Majestic
06_The Majestic – It´s All About Love

07_Soothsayers – Sooner or LaterHuman nature 2012 Red Earth Records

08_Soothsayers feat.Cornell Campbell – I´ll Never Leave 7inch (mp3 promo) 2011 Red Earth Records/Kudos Records

09_Bronco knowledge & Earth Angel – No Threatsingle from ‘Tell Me Something’ 2012
Bronco knowledge ID
10_Bronco knowledge & Earth Angel – A Who Say

11_Uwe Banton – Can´t ForgetMental War (mp3 pre-release promo) 2012 Rasta Yard, A.L.T.A.F.A.A.N. Records
12_Uwe Banton feat.Luciano – Mental War

13_Luciano – See The LightTrippin Riddim (mp3 promo) 2012 Itation Records
14_Fantan Mojah – Rastafari Bless

15_Rob Symeonn – The Chosen One The Chosen One 2006 RedBud Recordings

16_Rob Symeonn – Forgive Them single (mp3 promo) 2012 Jah Youth Productions

17_Zion – My Roots Strictly Roots (mp3 promo) 2010 Skank Records

18_Zion – Jah LoveDifferent Denominations 2012 Lion Roots Productions

19_Ray Darwin feat.Fred Locks – In This TimePeople’s Choice (mp3 promo) 2011 Irie Vibrations Records

20_Fred Locks – Forces – Pharos Frontline 2005 Pharos Records

Fred Locks Fred Locks: Reggae Legends Box (mp3 promo) 2012 17 North Parade/Greensleeves Records/VP Records

21_Fred Locks – Child of The King (from ‘Missing Link’) 1978
22_Fred Locks – Africa Africa (from ‘Love and Only Love’) 1982
23_Fred Locks – Don’t Let Babylon Use You(from ‘Black Star Liner’) 1975
24_Fred Locks – Blood Money Dub (from ‘) 2012 Black Star Liner in Dub

25_King Tubby – African Roots (from ‘At the Grass of Roots of Dub’) – Evolution of Dub Vol.7: Creationist Rebel BOX (pre-release mp3 sampler) 2012 17 North Parade/Greensleeves Records/VP Records

26_Winston Edwards – Soul Fire Dub (from ‘Natty Locks Dub’)

27_Roots & The Wailers Band – Evil That You Do Roots Rock Randy’s 7inch Box (mp3 promo) 2012 17 North Parade/Greensleeves Records
28_The Wailers Band – Don Won Dub

29_Barry Brown – Mister Minister Right Now (mp3 promo) 2012 VP Records,Greensleeves Records

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ZonaReGGae Playlist 13 Junho 2012

June 14, 2012

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01_Bambú Station – Bounded Together Children of Exodus (mp3 promo) 2012 Griotlife Recordings,Zojak World Wide

02_Winston Reedy & Donkey Jaw Bone – Think Twice Make a Change 2012 Chapter Two

03_Winston Reedy – Step ForwardLips & Chalis 2011 Cherry & Ree Prods,Room in the Sky

04_Courtney John – So Beautifulmp3 single advance from ‘From Letters to Words’ 2012 Fiwi Music

05_Macka B – Never Played a 45”Change The World (mp3 promo) 2012 Chinelo Records
06_Macka B – Can’t Sleep

07_Solo Banton – Herb Story Walk Like Rasta (mp3 promo) 2009 Reality Shock Records

08_Errol Bellot – Grey Skies Know Jah (mp3 promo) 2012 Reality Shock Records

09_Aqua Livi – Ancient TimesAncient Times 12” (mp3 promo) 2012 Reality Shock Records
10_Soom T – Kingdom Rise
11_Kris Kemist – Ancient Times Dub

12_Jahdan Blakkamoore – All Comes Back to One (Bobos Remix)All Comes back to One EP Remix 2011 Lustre Kings Productions/Lion Dub International Music

13_Nazarenes – Lonesome LadyMeditation (mp3 promo) 2012 I-Grade Records
14_Nazarenes – Meditation

Winston Reedy & Donkey Jaw BoneMake a Change 2012 Chapter Two

15_Winston Reedy & Donkey Jaw Bone – Mi No Got It
16_Winston Reedy & Donkey Jaw Bone – Thy Kingdom Come
17_Winston Reedy & Donkey Jaw Bone – Stepping Outta Babylon

18_Derajah & The Donkey Jaw Bone – Paris Burnin’ Paris is Burning 2011 Chapter Two

19_Ras Daniel Ray & Tu-Shung Peng – Africa Calling – Ray of Light (mp3 promo) 2012 Ku Shung

20_Urban Tribe Stockholm – Down and DirtyBetter Days 2012 Rub-A-Dub Records
21_Urban Tribe Stockholm – Howard’s Dub

Bambú StationChildren of Exodus (mp3 promo) 2012 Griotlife Recordings,Zojak World Wide

22_Bambú Station – Heathen
23_Bambú Station – Warning
24_Bambú Station – Closer to Heaven

25_Pura Vida – Downpressor single 2012 Lost Ark Music free download @

26_Pura Vida & The Congos – Africa (extended)unreleased version from “We Nah Give Up” 2011 Lost Ark Music free download @

27_Super Apes – Ark AttackSuper Apes (2008) 2012 Springline Records,Come Fi Conquer

28_Yabass Yaba Radics – Natty Dread DubDread Plate Dubs (Fan Special Promo) 2012 Springline Records, ComeFiConquer

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ZonaReGGae Playlist 30 Maio 2012

May 31, 2012

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01_Martin Zobel & Soulrise – Take it Easy Land Of The Free(mp3 promo) 2012 IrieVibrations Records

02_Anthony B – Jah Bless Me Freedom Fighter (mp3 promo) 2012 IrieVibrationsRecords

03_R.C. – Can´t Bridge My Defensemp3 single from ‘Storms of Life’ 2012 Silly Walks Discotheque

04_Raging Fyah – I and IJudgement Day (mp3 promo) 2011 Raging Fyah Productions

05_Marcia Griffiths & Kwabena Nip – Governs Of Africanssingle (mp3 promo) 2012 RadioDirectX

06_Rebellion The Recaller – In This Timemp3 single from ‘In This Time’ 2012 Inspired Ones

07_Like The Man Said feat.Lutan Fyah – More Conscious=More Fyah1NE 2009 LTMS

08_Mugsy – Silence is OMMugsy meets Akete ‘Grass to Rass’ 2012 free download @

09_Freddy Locks feat.C.O.M.A. – For Us Rootstation 2012 V&A

10_Delmighty Sounds & Junior Dread – Freedomsingle mp3 2012 free download @

11_Jah Marnyah – Keep TryingKeep Trying EP (mp3 promo) 2012 Faya Wurks Records
Vibronics – Keep Trying Dub version

12_Webcam Hi Fi feat. Zafayah, Jahmmi Youth & Sen I – Message to di YouthFeeding my faith (mp3 promo) 2012 Tube Dub Sound Records

13_Zafayah Meets Dub Caravan – Twenty Fuss CenturyOut Loud 12inch (pre-release mp3 promo) 2012 Dread Camel Records
14_Zafayah Meets Dub Caravan – Microchip
Dub Caravan – Microska

15_Nambo Robinson meets Dub Caravan – Praise the HornHappy and Free 2011 Dread Camel Records

Martin Zobel & Soulrise Land Of The Free (mp3 promo) 2012 IrieVibrations Records

16_Martin Zobel & Soulrise – What You Love
17_Martin Zobel & Soulrise – Our Voices
18_Martin Zobel & Soulrise – We Want More

19_Bambú Station – Walk Your Mile Children of Exodus (mp3 promo) 2012 Griotlife Recordings,Zojak World Wide

20_Legend Live – Fighting for SurvivalFighting For Survival 2011 LLMusic

21_Soothsayers – Human Nature (Yesking mix)We’re Not Leaving EP 2012 Red Earth Records

22_Winston Reedy & Donkey Jaw Bone – Show Some Love – Make a Change 2012 Chapter Two

23_Luciano – Voice Of A TrumpetRub-A-Dub Market (mp3 promo) 2011 Irievibrations Records

Anthony BFreedom Fighter (mp3 promo) 2012 IrieVibrationsRecords

24_Anthony B – Freedom Fighter
25_Anthony B – Born to be Free
26_Anthony B – Same Boat

27_Cali P – Sounds of Creation13 Months in Zion riddim (mp3 promo) 2012 Suns of Dub, One Motion Music
Addis Pablo – 13 Months in Zion

28_Big Youth – London´s BurningLondon´s Burning (mp3 single advance) 2011 Ariwa Sounds

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ZonaReGGae Playlist 25 Abril 2012

April 26, 2012

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01_Zvuloon Dub System – Voodo Chile – Freedom Time (mp3 promo) 2012 Med.Tone Records

02_Ba Boom – Amizade Prevalecesingle (mp3 promo) 2012 free download @

03_Souls of Fire feat.Dubi- Pontas SoltasPontas Soltas 2012 Optimus Discos free download @

04_Richie Campbell – That’s How We Roll single (mp3 promo) 2012

05_Freddy Locks – Revolution Rootstation 2012 V&A

06_Delmighty Sounds & Junior Dread – Wonderful Feelingsingle mp3 2012 free download @
Delmighty Sounds & Junior Dread – Wonderful Dub

07_Webcam Hi Fi feat.Trevor Junior – Musically (extended version) Feeding my faith (mp3 promo) 2012 Tube Dub Sound Records

08_Earl 16 – Zion City (2012 mix)Have to Learn 10inch (mp3 promo) 2012 Merge Production Records

Linval Thompson radio ID
09_Linval Thompson – Show Babylon 7 inch (mp3 pre-release promo) 2012 Reggae Roast Records
Manasseh – Show Babylon (Riddim version)

10_Prince Jazzbo & The Nuts – Jah Put it Dehsingle (mp3 promo) 2012 Ujama Music

11_Norris Cole (Ludy Pionner) – Peace, Justice, Libertysingles from ‘Peace,Justice,Liberty’ 2012 + infos @

12_Positive Roots Band & Rod Taylor – I Know a PlacePositive Roots Band presents – Rod Taylor & Bob Wasa ‘Original Roots’ 2012 RockyTuffMusic
Bob Wasa radio ID
13_Positive Roots Band & Bob Wasa – Fightin’

14_Toussaint – Crown I Got – single from ‘Jah Golden Throne’ 2012 Zion High Productions
15_General Jah Mikey – Set A Way

16_Busy Signal – Part of LifeReggae Music Again 2012 VP Records

17_Derajah & The Donkey Jaw Bone – Oh Yeah YahParis is Burning 2011 Chapter Two,Wendo Guenet Prods

Zvuloon Dub System – Freedom Time (mp3 promo) 2012 Med.Tone Records

18_Zvuloon Dub System – Freedom Time
19_Zvuloon Dub System – All Over The World
20_Zvuloon Dub System – Go Down Moses

21_Legend Live – Irie MeditationFighting For Survival 2011 LLMusic

22_Creation Rockers – Let´s Make WavesLets Make Waves EP 2012 SpringlineRecords,Come Fi Conquer

23_The Manor – Need The Truth – Foundation 2012 SpringlineRecords,Come Fi Conquer
The Manor radio ID
24_The Manor – Truth version

25_Rolling Lion Studio – Lion Rock riddimHouse of Dread (mp3 promo) 2011 Renegade Media

26_John Milk – Temper The Dance7inch (mp3 promo) 2012 KA Records

27_Earl Wonder – A Holy Place7inch single (mp3 promo) 2012 KA Records
The Soul Agitators – A Holy Dub

28_Keith Hudson – I Broke the CombRasta Communication Deluxe edition (79) 2012 Greensleeves Records

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