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ZonaReGGae Playlist 21 Novembro 2012

November 23, 2012

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01_Fred Locks – Walls(‘Black Star Liner’) 1975 – Fred Locks: Reggae Legends Box (mp3 promo) 2012 17 North Parade/Greensleeves Records/VP Records
Fred Locks – Wall of Dub (from ‘Black Star Liner in Dub’)

02_Barry Ford – Rebel single 2012 MapMusic

03_Legend Live – Love is What we WantFighting For Survival 2011 LLMusic

04_Resonators – Gold GetterThe Constant 2012 Wah Wah 45s

05_The Majestic – Too CoolEP (mp3 promo) 2012 The Majestic
06_The Majestic – It´s All About Love

07_Soothsayers – Sooner or LaterHuman nature 2012 Red Earth Records

08_Soothsayers feat.Cornell Campbell – I´ll Never Leave 7inch (mp3 promo) 2011 Red Earth Records/Kudos Records

09_Bronco knowledge & Earth Angel – No Threatsingle from ‘Tell Me Something’ 2012
Bronco knowledge ID
10_Bronco knowledge & Earth Angel – A Who Say

11_Uwe Banton – Can´t ForgetMental War (mp3 pre-release promo) 2012 Rasta Yard, A.L.T.A.F.A.A.N. Records
12_Uwe Banton feat.Luciano – Mental War

13_Luciano – See The LightTrippin Riddim (mp3 promo) 2012 Itation Records
14_Fantan Mojah – Rastafari Bless

15_Rob Symeonn – The Chosen One The Chosen One 2006 RedBud Recordings

16_Rob Symeonn – Forgive Them single (mp3 promo) 2012 Jah Youth Productions

17_Zion – My Roots Strictly Roots (mp3 promo) 2010 Skank Records

18_Zion – Jah LoveDifferent Denominations 2012 Lion Roots Productions

19_Ray Darwin feat.Fred Locks – In This TimePeople’s Choice (mp3 promo) 2011 Irie Vibrations Records

20_Fred Locks – Forces – Pharos Frontline 2005 Pharos Records

Fred Locks Fred Locks: Reggae Legends Box (mp3 promo) 2012 17 North Parade/Greensleeves Records/VP Records

21_Fred Locks – Child of The King (from ‘Missing Link’) 1978
22_Fred Locks – Africa Africa (from ‘Love and Only Love’) 1982
23_Fred Locks – Don’t Let Babylon Use You(from ‘Black Star Liner’) 1975
24_Fred Locks – Blood Money Dub (from ‘) 2012 Black Star Liner in Dub

25_King Tubby – African Roots (from ‘At the Grass of Roots of Dub’) – Evolution of Dub Vol.7: Creationist Rebel BOX (pre-release mp3 sampler) 2012 17 North Parade/Greensleeves Records/VP Records

26_Winston Edwards – Soul Fire Dub (from ‘Natty Locks Dub’)

27_Roots & The Wailers Band – Evil That You Do Roots Rock Randy’s 7inch Box (mp3 promo) 2012 17 North Parade/Greensleeves Records
28_The Wailers Band – Don Won Dub

29_Barry Brown – Mister Minister Right Now (mp3 promo) 2012 VP Records,Greensleeves Records

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