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ZonaReGGae Playlist 26 Setembro 2012

September 27, 2012

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01_Junior Toots – PraisesA Little Bit of Love 2012 Crown of Fire Records

02_Bunny Rugs – Jamaica Land We Lovesingle from ‘Time’ 2012 Raw Edge Production

03_Stuart Wilson – Three Kingssingle (mp3 promo) 2012 Love Culture Entertainment

04_Alovera – Uprising Daysingle (mp3 promo) 2012

05_Dubmatix meets Howie Smart – Love JahHard Road (mp3 promo) 2007 Renegade Media

06_Dubmatix feat.The Ragga Twins – Rock OutDread & Gold Vol II Dub from the Crypt (mp3 promo unreleased) 2012 Renegade Media
Dubmatix – Rock On Dub

07_Roots Nation – Chalice of DubTemperature’s Risin’ 2012 Rare Roots Records

08_Dub Is A Weapon – DestinyVaporized (mp3 promo) 2011 Harmonized Records

09_John Browns Body – Chased by Lions single from ‘JBB in Dub’ 2012 free download @

10_Bandulu Dub & Ikonoklasta – Fome de JustiçaAqui não andam só os vivos EP 2012 free download @
11_Bandulu Dub & Ikonoklasta – Morte Do Artista (Dubalizer Remix)

12_iLLBiLLY HiTEC feat.Longfingah – Higher Calling single (mp3) 2012 free download @

13_YT feat.Solo Banton & Mungos Hi-Fi – Scream (The Sequel)Revolution Time (mp3 promo) 2012 Sativa Records

14_Jah Marnyah feat.Anthony John – I can SeeA New Day (mp3 promo) 2012 Faya Wurks Records
15_Jah Marnyah – Musical Party

16_Exco Levi – Still Going Strong jamaica 50 ska riddim (mp3 promo) 2012 Penthouse Records

Junior TootsA Little Bit of Love 2012 Crown of Fire Records

17_Junior Toots – Puss And Dog
18_Junior Toots – Justice
19_Junior Toots – Ready to Come Over

20_Toots & The Maytals – Living in the GhettoTime Tough ‘The Antholy’ 1996 Island Jamaica

21_Hortense Ellis – Woman Of The GhettoRoots Rock Randy’s (mp3 promo) 2012 17 North Parade/Greensleeves Records
22_Ansel Collins & Skin Flesh & Bones – Spanish Town Road

23_Leroy Smart – Jah JahChannel One 7inch Spectacular (mp3 promo) 2012 Greensleeves Records
24_John Holt – Up Park Camp
25_Revolutionaries – Up Park Camp Version

26_Barry Brown – Guide & Protect UsRight Now (mp3 promo sampler) 2012 Greensleeves Records
Tristan Palma – No Shot Nuh Fire

27_ Fred Locks – True Rastaman (from ‘Black Star Liner’) 1975 – Fred Locks: Reggae Legends Box 2012 17 North Parade/Greensleeves Records/VP Records
28_Fred Locks – Black Star Liner
29_Fred Locks – Black Star Liner in Dub (from ‘Black Star Liner in Dub’)
30_Fred Locks – Voice Of The Poor (from ‘Love And Only Love’) 1982

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ZonaReGGae Playlist 04 Janeiro 2012 -BEST of ’11-Sound Review V

January 5, 2012

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01_Yabass Yaba Radics – Light of Jah DubGuns Down Obeah at OK Corral Central 2012 Come Fi Conquer Publishing/Springline Records

ZonaReGGae BEST OF’11–THE PEOPLE CHOICES Voting Poll–sound review V

Phil Pratt & The Sunshot BandDial M for Murder In Dub Style 2011 Pressure Sounds
02_Phil Pratt & The Sunshot Band – Chase a Crooked Shadow
03_Phil Pratt & The Sunshot Band – Bad Boy Dub

The RatazanasLick it Back 2011 Groover Records
04_The Ratazanas – Xibalba
05_The Ratazanas – Gama’s Trip

The Mood a.k.a.100% Soul Grown 2011 Brixton Records
06_The Mood a.k.a. – We’re in The Mood
07_The Mood a.k.a. – Rock it On Steady

Rocker TAlphabet City 2011 Stubborn Records
08_Rocker T – Domino Shuffle
09_Rocker T – Roland and Tommy

NewYork SkaJazz EnsembleDouble Edge 2011 Brixton Records
10_NewYork SkaJazz Ensemble-Frenesi
11_NewYork SkaJazz Ensemble- You Are So Fine

Dub VisionCounter Attack! 2011 Big Cup Music
12_Dub Vision feat.Don Carlos–Mind Yourself
13_Dub Vision feat.Gavin Distasi–Extrication

Mungo’s Hi FiForward Ever 2011 Scotch Bonnet Records
14_Mungo’s Hi Fi feat.Mr Williamz– Computer Age
15_Mungo’s Hi Fi feat. Pupa Zeb & Daddy–Warm Up

V.A. – Reggae Roast presents Roots Uprising 2010 Reggae Roast Records
16_One People Production & Brother Culture – Digital Rock
17_The Hempolics feat.Dandelion – Serious

V.A. – Reggae Roast presents: Lick it Back 2011 Reggae Roast Records
18_YT – Saved My Life
19_Earl 16 – Reggae Music

V.A. – Heartical Story vol.1 2011 Heartical
20_David Steel Pulse Hinds – Positivity
21_ Ernest Wilson & Kojak – True Love
Sly Dunbar & BDF – Melodica Knowledge

V.A. – Cultural Vibes Vol.1 2010 Not Easy At All,Jah Solid Rock
22_Benaissa – African Blood (Collie Weed)
23_Mikey General – Jah Jah Have the Handle (United We Stand)
Not Easy crew – Dub version (United We Stand)

V.A. – Univershall Version ‘Flow Prods riddims’ 2011 Springline Jamaica
24_Lion I Levi – False Ruler & dub version
25_Steve Steppa – No Solution

Sebastian Sturm Get Up and Get Going 2011 Soulbeats Records
26_Sebastian Sturm– Don’t Look Back
27_Sebastian Sturm– Children Don’t Go Blind

ZonaReGGae BEST OF’11–THE PEOPLE CHOICES Voting Poll–sound review V

Yabass Yaba RadicsGuns Down Obeah at OK Corral Central 2012 Come Fi Conquer Publishing/Springline Records

28_Yabass Yaba Radics – Dread On The Warpath Dub
29_Yabass Yaba Radics – Flashing Master Dub
30_Yabass Yaba Radics – Neeber Mek Ya Sail Too Big Fi Ya Ship Dub

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ZonaReGGae Playlist 16 Novembro 2011

November 17, 2011

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01_The Mood a.k.a. – Rock it On Stead (extended)100% Soul Grown 2011 Brixton Records

02_Tino Ranks & Sandollar Sound – PohikiRhygin Showcase Vol.1 2011 Rhygin Records

03_Prince Jammy – Strictly DubStrictly Dub (mp3 promo) 2010 Pressure Sounds

04_Phil Pratt & The Sunshot Band – Dial M for MurderDial M for Murder In Dub Style 2011 (mp3 promo) Pressure Sounds

05_Talisman – Takin’ The StrainTakin’ The Strain (pre-release promo) 2012 Bristol Archive Records

06_Beshara – Glory Glory single (mp3 promo) 1983 Beshara Music

07_Dennis Brown- Emmanuel Wolfs & Leopards 1977 2005 DEB Music

08_Kiddus I – Give I Strenght Rockers ‘Graduation In Zion 1978-80’ 2007 DubStore Records,Makasound

09_Kiddus I – Graduation in Zion (Inna de Yard)single – Mediacom Reggae Sampler 2012 Mediacom

10_Derajah & The Donkey Jaw Bone – Bun Dem to RassParis is Burning 2011 CHapter Two,Wendo Guenet Prods

11_Raging Fyah – I and I – Judgement Time (mp3 promo) 2011 Raging Fyah Productions

12_Bunny Brown – Don’t Bother Trouble (Rock N Sway riddim) (mp3 promo) 2011 Xterminator Productions/XTM.Sounds

13_Professional Daynjah & Luciano – Plant and Harvest the Crop (Blessings Riddim)mp3 promo single 2011 HiternalProductions

14_Bass Culture feat.Sammy Gold – Police & Bad Bway 8 for 8 riddim 2011 Back-A-Yard / Lafamille Music free download @

15_Dubmatix feat.U-Brown- Whatchya Gonna Do (Webcam Hi-Fi Wah Do Dem Remix) Clash of the Titans ‘The System Shakedown Remixes’ (mp3 promo) 2011 Renegade Media/RadioDirectX
16_Dubmatix feat.The Ragga Twins – Gun Down(Mungo’s Hi Fi Refix)

17_Mungo’s Hi Fi feat.Gentlemans Dub Club – High gradeForward Ever (mp3 promo) 2011 Scotch Bonnet Records

18_Dubmatix feat.Earl Zero – Wicked Part of Town (Dry Mix) single 2011 Renegade Media/RadioDirectX

19_Dub Caravan feat.Nambo Robinson – PraisesNambo Robinson meets Dub Caravan’Happy and Free’ (pre-release mp3 promo) 2011 Dread Camel Records
20_Dub Caravan feat.Nambo Robinson – Praise the Horn

NewYork SkaJazz Ensemble-Double Edge 2011 Brixton Records

21_NewYork SkaJazz Ensemble– Frenesi
22_NewYork SkaJazz Ensemble- Double Edge
23_NewYork SkaJazz Ensemble- Roca’s Chase

24_Grant Phabao & Carlton Livingston feat.Lone Ranger – Message to You RudieBridge of Life (mp3 promo) 2010 Colored-Inc.

25_Prince Fatty feat.Little Roy – Christopher ColombusMr Bongo Presents.. 2011 Mr Bongo free limited time sampler @
26_Prince Fatty meets Mutant Hi-Fi – Black Powder

The Mood a.k.a. 100% Soul Grown 2011 Brixton Records

27_The Mood a.k.a – Ska in the Backyard
28_The Mood a.k.a – Rudies Don’t Care
29_The Mood a.k.a – We´re in the Mood

30_Soweto-Early in the MorningSouth West Town 2011 Brixton Records

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ZonaReGGae Playlist 09 Novembro 2011

November 10, 2011

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01_Roots Daughtah – I´m Still Here Rhygin Showcase Vol.1 2011 Rhygin Records

02_The Manor – Right and Wrong Revelation Congo Deluxe Edition (mp3 promo) 2011 Jah Urban Sound
ID The Manor
03_The Manor – Jah Love

04_The Maât Disciples – Don’t Scheme Against People 7inch (mp3 promo) 2011 KA Records
Woody Allan – Natty Don’t Want No Digital

05_Roberto Sanchez & Ranking Forrest – Give Me rub a Dub/rub a Dub Style is the Best (discomix) – Milk & Honey 10inch (mp3 promo) 2011 Roots and Fyah Production

06_Lone Ranger – Original StyleHeartical Story Vol.1 (mp3 promo) 2011 Heartical

07_U-Roy & Chezidek – War Question single promo SoulBeats Records CD Sampler 2011/12 Soul Beats Records

08_Big Youth – London´s Burning London´s Burning (mp3 single advance) 2011 Ariwa Sounds

09_Mungo’s Hi Fi feat.Ranking Levy – New York boogieForward Ever (mp3 promo) 2011 Scotch Bonnet Records
Mungo’s Hi Fi feat.Sugar Minott – Scrubadub Style

ID Anthony Johnson
10_ Anthony Johnson – Jah Jah KnowsDancehall Victory 2010 Rupa Rupa Records

11_McPullish & Ken Serious – Bring the Ganja7inch (mp3 promo) 2011 Charlie’s Records

12_Chuck Fenda – Gwaan PlantThe Living Fire 2007 Greensleeves Records
13_Chuck Fenda – Mother Earth

14_ Kabaka Pyramid – Ready fi di RoadRebel Music EP 2011 free download @

15_Raging Fyah – Running Away Judgement Time (mp3 promo) 2011 Raging Fyah Productions
16_Raging Fyah – Judgment Day

17_Derajah & Donkey Jaw Bone– Oh Yeah Yahpre-release sampler from ‘Paris is Burning’ 2011 Wendo Guenet Prods

ID Clinark
18_Clinark feat.Maxi Priest – As A Man I Weep Journey to Foreign 2008 Nurture Projects Music

19_Ray Darwin – People’s Choice People’s Choice (mp3 promo) 2011 IrieVibrations Records

20_Admiral Tibet – Polotician mp3 single promo 2009 G5 Production/Upsetta Sound

21_10Ft Ganja Plant feat.Sylford Walker – My Roots Shake Up The Place 2011 ROIR Records

22_The Rhythm Doctors feat.Cedric Brooks – Mad Dog7inch (mp3 promo) 2004 Rhygin Records

V.A. – Rhygin Showcase Vol.1 2011 Rhygin Records

23_Sandollar Sound – The Way
24_Generation Rockers – Coast to Coast
25_Gold Cobra – Friday the 13th Dub

26_Rolling Lion Studio – Rolling Lion Studio, Full EffectHouse of Dread (digital promo) 2011 Renegade Media

27_Original Electro Groove – NaturalAcredita se Quiseres!!! (pre-release mp3 promo) 2011 OEG

28_Original Electro Groove – Agora Diz-me

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ZonaReGGae Playlist 05 Outubro 2011

October 6, 2011

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01_Dave Barker meets Alberto Tarín- Old Devil MoonA Moment in Time 2011 Brixton Records
Alberto Tarín & The Jazzin Reggae Band – Old Devil Moon (instrumental) – Jazz’n Reggae Showcase Vol.2 2004 Brixton Records

02_Ray Darwin – Time Flies People’s Choice (mp3 promo) 2011 IrieVibrations Records

03_Luciano – Mek it Over Rub-A-Dub Market (mp3 promo) 2011 Irievibrations Record

04_ Soothsayers feat.Lutan Fyah – I´m Leaving7inch (mp3 promo) 2011 Red Earth Records/Kudos Records

05_Lutan Fyah – Living in the Ghetto The Zion Train Project riddim (mp3 single) 2011 APS Productions free download @

ZonaReGGae riddim mix ‘Boosky riddim’ (Andrew Campbell productions)
06_Fever Grass & Andrew Campbell – Rastaman ChantMr. BassMan All Stars 2004 Young Tree Records,Andrew Bassie Records
Errol Organs & Andrew Campbell – Living in a World
Midnite & Andrew Bassie Campbell- Mongst I&Isingle advance from ‘Kings Bell’ 2011 I-Grade/Andrew Bassie Records

07_Toussaint – Nobody KnowsBlack Gold 2010 I Grade Records

08_Toussaint – Intro & What’s Going On (Exclusive Refix)African Soul Exchange feat.Toussaint mixtape 2011 Relic Secure free download @

09_Winston Reedy – No More HeartbreaksLips & Chalis 2011 Cherry & Ree Prods,Room in the Sky

10_The Maât Disciples – Don’t Scheme Against People7inch (mp3 promo) 2011 KA Records

11_10 Ft. Ganja Plant- Rush Me Shake Up The Place 2011 ROIR Records

12_Rolling Lion Studio – Sunshine My DubHouse of Dread (digital promo) 2011 Renegade Media

13_King Fatty – Fe-Fo Fi Fum DubRocksteady Dynamite (mp3 promo sampler) 2011 Phoenix City Records

14_Ya Bass – If I Said I Love You DubBack a Yard Dub (mp3 promo) 2011 Phoenix City Records
15_Ya Bass – I Stand Alone Dub

16_The Manor – I Begged HIM (dub extended) digital single 2011 Manor´s Ark free download @

17_The Manor meets the Droegenbwoys-Wise Man Dub – Droegenbwoys meets the Online Dub Family 2011 free download

18_Ras Bruno meets Yabby You – Blowing in the Dub single mp3 promo 2011 Herban Music

19_Wayne McArthur – Self Realisation & Realisation DubRoots Criteria (pre-release mp3 promo) 2011

20_ Bandulu Dub Meets Hornsman Coyote – Changes (Dub Spirits Remix)Changes Remixes 2011 Dan Dada Records free download @

21_AracnoDub – PulluvarKundam DubDubnight Chapter 3 ‘Revelation Flux’ 2011 Dubnight free download @

22_Grant Phabao & The Lone Ranger – EthiopiaSweet Talking (mp3 promo) 2010 Colored-Inc.

23_Grant Phabao & Carlton Livingston – Still LamentingBridge of Life (mp3 promo) 2010 Colored-Inc.

Dave Barker meets Alberto Tarín & The Jazzin Reggae BandA Moment in Time 2011 Brixton Records

24_Dave Barker & Alberto Tarín-Jah I Pray
25_Dave Barker & Alberto Tarín-A Moment in Time
26_Dave Barker & Alberto Tarín-Spanish Ska

27_NewYork SkaJazz Ensemble- MontalvoDouble Edge 2011 Brixton Records

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ZonaReGGae Playlist 28 Setembro 2011 – 8th B-Day live & direct sessions!

October 1, 2011

!!!DOWNLOAD SeSSion!!!

01_Rolling Lion Studio – Zion – I’ DubHouse of Dread (digital promo) 2011 Renegade Media

02_Yabass & The Manor – Jah Ras Tafarisingle from ‘Ancient Book of The Dread’ 2011 free download available @

03_10 Ft. Ganja Plant feat. feat.Sylford Walker-HardtimesShake Up The Place 2011 ROIR Records
04_10 Ft. Ganja Plant-Shake Up the Place

05_The Forthrights – Other People 7’’ (mp3 promo) 2010 Stubborn Records

06_The One Droppers – Feeling FineThe Big One (mp3 promo) 2011 Rocking Records

07_New Town Kings – Dynamite MOJ.O. (mp3 promo) 2011 Bomber Music Ltd

08_Soweto – Sick and TiredSouth West Town 2011 Brixton Records

09_NewYork SkaJazz Ensemble – Skala – Double Edge 2011 Brixton Records

10_Dave Barker meets Alberto Tarín- Old Devil Moon A Moment in Time 2011 Brixton Records
11_Dave Barker meets Alberto Tarín-City Runnings

12_The Caroloregians – Fat is BackFat Is Back (mp3 promo) 2011 Phoenix City Records

13_The Ratazanas – The Great Crusade of Richard the LionheartLick it Back 2011 Groover Records

14_The Mood – Rock it On Steady a.k.a. 100% Soul Grown 2011 Brixton Records

Rolling Lion StudioHouse of Dread (digital promo) 2011 Renegade Media

15_Rolling Lion Studio – Lion Rock Riddim
16_Rolling Lion Studio – Valves’ N’ Plates
17_Rolling Lion Studio – Jah Will Never Let I Down

18_ Rolling Lion Studio – Rightful Ruler (G31 Remix)Renegade Media Presents Echoes The Rmx Vol.1 2011 Renegade Media free download @

19_Green Lion – Eek Do Dem!!single mp3 promo from Eek-A-Mouse remix EP 2011 Soul of the Lion promotions/ white label

20_Ital Noiz – Wake Up (Ital Version) Abassi Dub Conferences 11 7inch (mp3 promo advance) 2011 Deep Roots
21_Abassi AllStars – Wake Up Dub

22_Bandulu Dub feat. Dub Spirits – Nuraghi DubDubnight Chapter 3 ‘Revelation Flux’ 2011 Dubnight free download @

23_Wierdub – Silence FictionRecreational (re-mastered) mp3 promo 2002 GreenQueenMusic

24_Midnite & Lustre Kings – Reala Dub(from “Infinite Dub”) – single promo 2008 I Grade & Lustre Kings

25_Midnite & Higher Bound – AncientBless Go Roun 2008 Higher Bound Productions

26_Midnite & Andrew Bassie Campbell- Mongst I&I single advance from ‘Kings Bell’ 2011 I-Grade/Andrew Bassie Records

27_Danny I – Over Red & Bluesingle mp3 promo from ‘To Your Majesty’ 2011 I-Grade Records / Soul of The Lion Promotions
28_Danny I feat.Army – Never Lay Downmp3 single promo from’To Your Majesty’ 2011 I-Grade Records/Soul of the Lion promotions

29_Bambú Station – How Tings Ah Gosingle (mp3 promo) from ‘Children of Exodus’ 2010 Bambu Station

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ZonaReGGae Playlist 14 Setembro 2011

September 15, 2011

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01_Ray Darwin – False AlarmPeople’s Choice (mp3 promo) 2011 Irie Vibrations Records
Dub Specialist – Ten to One riddim

02_Cornell Campbell – Ten to OneStudio One Soul 2 ‘The Original’ 2006 Soul Jazz Records, Sabotage Records

03_Tetrack – Judge and juryLet´s Get Started (mp3 promo) 1980 Tetrack

04_Beshara – Rising Sunsingle (mp3 promo) 198? Beshara Music

05_Johnny Clarke – Stealing StealingJah Jah We Pray 2009 Kingston Sounds
Jah Stitch – Bury the BarberIf Deejay Was Your Trade- The Dreads at King Tubby’s 1974-1977 1994 Blood & Fire
06_Jah Stitch – Set Up Yourself Dreadlocks

07_Mikey Dread – Step By Step (extended dub)Dread at the Controls ‘Evolutionary Rockers’ 2005 DATC

08_CAF Studio All Stars – Soul Fightersingle from ‘Ivolutionary Sounds’ 2011 Atlanta Street Records

09_10 Ft. Ganja Plant- Pharoah’s ArmyShake Up The Place 2011 ROIR Records

10_Digital Dubs feat.Jeru Banto – Jah Me Guia I#1 2011 Roir Records

11_Rutera – Escravidão (Slavery Days)Fogo do Criador (mp3 promo) 2010 free download @ Rutera FaceBook

12_UrbanVibsz – Não vês Dubsingle 2011 free download @ UrbanVibsz FaceBook

13_ Freddy Locks – Close to You Seek Your Truth 2010 V&A
Freddy Locks & Asher G – Close to Dub

14_Grant Phabao & The Lone Ranger – Super Duper Super KnotchSweet Talking (mp3 promo) 2010 Colored-Inc.

Ray DarwinPeople’s Choice (mp3 promo) 2011 Irie Vibrations Records

15_Ray Darwin – People’s Choice
16_Ray Darwin feat.Fredlocks – In This Time
17_Ray Darwin – Long Way

18_Luciano – Where is The LoveRub-A-Dub Market (mp3 promo) 2011 Irievibrations Records
19_Luciano – Rub-A-Dub Market

20_ Uwe Banton feat.Earl 16 – Praise RastafariRightful Place 2009 MKZWO Records

21_Vibronics feat.Echo Ranks – Long Time7inch 2010 Scoops Records

22_Nucleus Roots feat. Ossie Gad – Anything U WantHeart of the Matter vol.3 2004 Westbury Music

23_Martin Campbell & Hi Tech Roots Dynamics – Everywhere I WalkRootsman 1997 Channel 1 UK, Retro Records

24_Jahspora feat.Ras Mykha – The Run & The Run Dub single 7inch (mp3 promo pre-release) 2011 Jahspora Sound

25_Blaminack – Power and MightManwel T ‘Virtual Dub 4’ 2011 DubKey Records Free download @
26_Demighty Sounds – Suburban

27_Zion Train – Semper AugustusState of Mind (pre-release promo) 2011 Universal Egg

28_Diaspora feat.Bob Andy – Running for Cover (Zion Train RMX)A Jamaican in Cairo 2010 GreenQueenMusic

29_Dub Caravan – Passage of the Dunesmp3 single advance from ‘Nomadic Fusions’ 2011 Dub Caravan

30_Fedayi Pacha – Pyramids (the moon)From the Oriental School of Dub 2009 Hammerbass Records

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ZonaReGGae Playlist 7 Setembro 2011

September 8, 2011

!!!DOWNLOAD SeSSion!!!

01_Grant Phabao & The Lone Ranger – Music Weh Dem WanSweet Talking (mp3 promo) 2010 Colored-Inc.

02_Lady Ann – Don´t You Burn single (mp3 promo) 2011 Bosco Bell Promotions

03_I-Eye – Johnny single (mp3 promo) 2011

Rootz Underground ID
04_Rootz Underground feat.Sherieta Lewis – Raindigital single 2011 free download @

– ZonaReGGae Download of the Month #20 – DONKEY JAW BONE –
05_Winston Reedy & Donkey Jaw Bone –Missing Youpre-release from ‘Make a Change’ 2011 Wendo Guenet Prods
06_Derajah & Donkey Jaw Bone– Workpre-release from ‘Paris is Burning’ 2011 Wendo Guenet Prods 

07_Takana Zion – Give Thanks to JahRasta Government (promo CD) 2011 SoulBeats Records

08_Professor – East JerusalemMadness (promo CD) 2011 Soul Beats Records/Groundation Music

09_Joshua Alo – Be Free Be TrueOrchid Unknown (mp3 promo) 2011 World SoulJah

10_E.N. Young – Imagine PeaceLuck and Chance no More (mp3 promo) 2010 Roots Musician Records

11_Digital Dubs feat.Dada Yute –War and Crime– #1 2011 ROIR Records

12_Earl 16 – Rise UpThe Fittest 2011 NotEasy At All/JahSolidRock

13_Vernon Maytone feat.U-Roy– God is RealWords of Wisdom 2011 Not Easy At All,Music Life Movements

Grant Phabao & The Lone Ranger – Sweet Talking (mp3 promo) 2010 Colored-Inc.

14_Grant Phabao & The Lone Ranger feat.U-Brown – Run Come Quick
15_Grant Phabao & The Lone Ranger – Trod Along
16_Grant Phabao & The Lone Ranger – Too Much Susu Susu

17_Grant Phabao & Carlton Livingston – The Life Of a DonBridge of Life (mp3 promo) 2010 Colored-Inc.

18_10 Ft. Ganja Plant feat.Sylford Walker – Hardtimes Shake Up the Place 2011 ROIR

The Manor ID
19_The Manor – Prophet Nestadigital single 2011 Manor’s Ark free download @

20_Yaba Radics v The Treacherous Horns – Stand Down Babylon Dub mp3 single promo 2011

21_Himperial Rockers – People Evolution DubNew Dub Evolution(mp3 promo) 2011 Springline Records

22_Resonators – Gold Dubsingle 7inch 2011 Wah Wah 45s Records free download @

23_Zion Train feat. Lua & Dubdadda- State of MindState of Mind (pre-release promo) 2011 Universal Egg
24_Zion Train feat.Jazzmin – Share the Flame

25_Violin Bwoy – Long Wayunreleased dubplate 2011 Violin Bwoy @

26_Dub Caravan – Nomadic Fusions Bonus Track (Raw Mix)digital release 2011 free download @

27_Specialist & Tru Skool – Dhaaru Pee Ke (Liquid Stranger RMX) – single 2011 free download @ Liquid Stranger FaceBook page

28_Dub Terminator – Kill SwitchBabylon Annihilation 2011 Green Queen Music

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ZonaReGGae Playlist 24 Agosto 2011

August 26, 2011

!!!DOWNLOAD SeSSion!!!

01_Grant Phabao & Carlton Livingston – Could Be BitterBridge of Life (mp3 promo) 2010 Colored-Inc.

02_Bob Skeng – The LionRoots Garden presents: ‘Showcase Part 1’ EP( mp3 promo) 2008 Roots Garden Records

03_Bob Skeng – Pain and AgonyConcrete Castle King riddim 12inch (mp3 promo) 2011 Jamtone Records

04_Dixie Peach – Time Like ThisExpress Yourself 12″ Riddim EP (mp3 promo pre-release) 2011 Reality Shock Records

05_ Roberto Sanchez – Chemical foodStepping My Ganjah riddim 10inch (mp3 promo) 2011 Truth Town Records
Roberto Sanchez – Cantabric Dub Breeze (version)

06_Alpheus – Live and LearnFrom Creation 2011 A-Lone, FAK Records

07_Rocker T – I Am a RastamanAlphabet City 2011 Stubborn Records

08_Finnigan & Version City Rockers- Friends 7inch 2011 Freedom Sounds/Stubborn Records

09_The SideWalk Doctors – Head held HighMusic is Medicine (mp3 promo) 2011 Phoenix City Records

10_The Caroloregians – Bedtime StoriesFat Is Back (mp3 promo) 2011 Phoenix City Records

11_Pama International – Lovely DubLove Filled Dub Band reissue (mp3 promo) 2011 Phoenix City Records

12_Pama International meets Mad Professor – Dub I Wait – Rewired in Dub 2010 Rockers Revolt

13_Gimme Riddim – Vital Dubmp3 single promo 2011 Gimme Riddim

14_Digital Dubs – Kaliman Dreams #1 (mp3 promo pre-release) 2011 ROIR Records

15_10ft Ganja Plant feat.Sylford Walker – My Roots mp3 single from ‘Shake Up the Place’ 2011 ROIR Records free download

Grant Phabao & Carlton LivingstonBridge of Life (mp3 promo) 2010 Colored-Inc.

16_Grant Phabao & Carlton Livingston feat.Lone Ranger – Running for My Life
17_Grant Phabao & Carlton Livingston – Bridge of Life
18_Grant Phabao & Carlton Livingston feat.Lone Ranger – Message to You Rudie

19_Carlton Livingston – DukeRocking Steady Part 1 LP (mp3 single promo) 2010 Gadd 59 Music

20_Carlton Livingston – Don´t Cuss RastaU Brown Hit Sound,1978-1981 2007 Roots Records

21_Dennis Brown-Whip Them Jah JahWolfs & Leopards 1977 2005 DEB Music

22_Bobby Melody – Joy in the Morning It´s Reggae vol.3 1977 Trojan Records
23_The Silvertones – African Dub

24_Silvertones – PovertyHeartical Story Vol.1 (mp3 promo) 2011 Heartical

25_Little Roy – Membership CardHeat 2011 Pharaos Records

26_Winston Reedy & Donkey Jaw Bone –Open the Doorpre-release from ‘Make a Change’ 2011 Wendo Guenet Prods free sampler download @

27_Ossie Dellimore feat.Ruff Scott – Reggae MusicReggae Music (mp3 promo) 2010 Skank Productions

28_Ruff Scott – CryingRoots and Culture 2011 Cool Breeze Records

29_Zion – Live as OneCrying for Freedom 2011 Skank Records

30_Inner Visions – King Of Kings – Stay Alive! 2010 InnerVisions

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ZonaReGGae Playlist 27 Julho 2011

July 28, 2011

!!!DOWNLOAD SeSSion!!!

01_Winston Reedy – Goodness in MeLips & Chalis 2011 Cherry & Ree Prods,Room in the Sky
Skycru & Sarah Tobias – Why Baby7inch 2011 Room in the Sky

02_The Cimarons – Ship AhoyThe Best of the Cimarons 1999 Culture Press

03_Reality – Make a Move Reggae Beat 197? QED

04_Black Roots – Tribal War (12” mix)The Bristol Reggae Explosion ‘1978-1983’ (mp3 promo) 2011 Bristol Archive Records

05_The Paragons – My number One Creation Rebel & Dub ‘1973-77’ 1995 Culture Press
06_Johnny Clarke & Dennis Brown – So Much Pain
King Tubby & The Aggrovators – Pain Version

07_Tino Ranks & Sandollar Sound – LahuaSunshine State 12 inch Disco Mix (mp3 promo) 2008 Rhygin Records

08_10ft Ganja Plant – Deliver Us Jah – Bass Chalice 2005 ROIR

09_10ft Ganja Plant feat.Sylford Walker – My Roots mp3 single from ‘Shake Up the Place’ 2011 ROIR free download @ 10Ft Ganja Plant Facebook

10_Sylford Walker – United 7inch (mp3 promo) 2011 Charlie´s Records

11_Jah Seal – Jah Soldier7inch 2010 One Drop Music

12_Jah Seal – Slow & Deep7inch 2011 One Drop Music
13_Jah Seal – Eins Drei Dub

14_I-Mitri feat.Jah Marnyah – Sick of Babylondigital single 2011 Original Soundz free exclusive download link available @ Irie Up Magazine Issue #10
I-Mitri – Dub of Babylon
15_Uwe Banton – Rightfull Place Rightful Place (mp3 promo) 2009 MKZWO Records
16_Uwe Banton – Don´t CryJah Roots (mp3 promo) 2006 MKZWO Records
17_Uwe Banton – RaceRightful Place (mp3 promo) 2009 MKZWO Records

18_Iya Karna – Modern ManRevolution in Dub 2008 Rub-a-Dub Records

19_Joseph Beckford – Forgive ThemOriginal 2008 Rub-a-Dub Records

20_Vernon Maytone feat.Dillan Buckley– Hold OnWords of Wisdom 2011 Not Easy At All,Music Life Movement

21_Winston Francis feat.JJ Sparks – I Killed the Devil (pt1)Room In the Sky & Skycru present :Master of Reggae vol.2 2010 Room in the Sky

22_Kingsley Wray & Skycru – RockersBoomarang (promo CDR) 2011 Room in the Sky

23_Winston Reedy – Daughter of Zion7inch 2011 Room in the Sky

Winston Reedy Lips & Chalis 2011 Cherry & Ree Prods,Room in the Sky

24_Winston Reedy – Boderation
25_Winston Reedy – Future is Bright
26_Winston Reedy – Step Forward

27_Earl Sixteen – Silver and Gold (extended)Showcase Style VOL.1 2010 NuffPowa Records

28_Johnny Osbourne – Freedom7inch 2011 Freedom Sounds/Stubborn Records

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IRIE UP Magazine : The Real Revolutionary- #9 & #10 Disponíveis!

July 27, 2011

Recuperação da iniciativa ZonaReGGae de promoção e distribuição da revista Irie Up em Portugal, com as últimas duas edições, referentes aos meses Maio/Junho (nº9) e Julho/Agosto (nº10) já disponíveis!

A equipa da Irie Up produz e imprime noticias do mundo da música reggae e da cultura rasta; com destaque para a cultura soundsystem, e os dois últimos números continuam a elevar o nível jornalístico e demonstram o porque dos especialistas na música reggae, artistas, soundsystems, rádios e imprensa continuam a destacar a publicação!

IRIE UP Issue #9 (Maio/Junho ’11)

Os destaques do número 9 vão para o artigo dedicado aos 40 anos de actividade do lendário soundsystem britânico Jah Tubbys! A história do sound vem acompanhada das conversas com os elementos da crew: Dixie Peach, Errol Bellot e Gregory Fabulous.
A rubrica Reggaetown leva-nos até à tradição roots reggae da cidade costeira de Bristol.
As raízes, as míticas bandas dos anos 70 e a actualidade, em mais um capitulo fundamental da história da musica reggae no Reino Unido!

From Wwoofers to Woofers: Growing anItal Sound é outro dos destaques do número 9, com uma visita até Granada para conhecer a Huerta Lechuza Ital Farm, onde a crew do Qedamawe Fyah, junta a cultura soundystem ao modo de vida e consciência da Permacultura!

Lugar ainda para a extraordinário história de vida de Shemelis Desta, etíope que durante 25 anos serviu o imperador Haile Selassie como o fotógrafo oficial da corte. Actualmente a viver em Inglaterra, a Irie Up visitou a sua casa ‘Little Ethiopia’, onde Shemelis recorda as viagens pelo mundo a fotografar o imperador, e guarda uma preciosa colecção que escapou consigo, à opressão do regime Derg.

IRIE UP Issue #10 (Julho/Agosto ’11)

O mais recente número da Irie Up destaca a interessante e importante, viagem a Israel, no espaço ReggaeTown Tel Aviv-The Twelve Tribes of Sound! Desde a conversa com o pioneiro Guil Bonstein; o Twelve Tribes Sound; passando pelo restaurante/loja de discos/editora! Abu Dubi Húmus Shop, e pela artista Hanouneh, até ao encontro com Harrison Stafford e a sua viagem à Palestina como centro do seu álbum a solo Madness!

A nova geração do Live Dub britânico é apresentada com uma entrevista a I-Mitri da Counteraction Soundz. Direito ainda a link exclusivo através da Irie Up, para o novo single gratuito de I-mitri com Jah Marnyah: Sick of Babylon!

As habituais breves noticias, revisões a novos livros, e aos lançamentos CD/LP/10” & 12” e singles dos últimos meses (onde pela 1ª vez um lançamento nacional é apresentado na Irie Up, com Seek Your Truth de Freddy Locks!); completam as histórias principais, deste dois novos números, da Irie Up, como sempre repleta de imagens e fotos a cores de alta qualidade que nos transportam para os ambientes e sensações descritas.

The Real Revolutionary é, cada vez mais, um subtítulo que se aplica na perfeição a esta publicação que respira e inspira Cultura, consciência e boa música!

Visita o website da IRIE UP , para todos os avanços!

A ZonaReGGae distribui desde Novembro de 2010 a Irie Up em Portugal! Basta contactarem via email: para mais informações!

ZonaReGGae supports…IRIE UP MAGAZINE!

ZonaReGGae Playlist 20 Julho 2011

July 21, 2011

!!!DOWNLOAD SeSSion!!!

01_Zion – Rise UpCrying for Freedom 2011 Skank Records

02_The Grasspoppers feat.Selma Uamusse – Brown Skin Guymp3 single from ‘Lovers Rock inna Week’ 2011 The Grasspoppers

03_The Grasspoppers – RootsmanDub Inna Week 2010 Grasspoppers free download @

04_Freddy Locks – Felling RootsSeek Your Truth 2010 V&A

05_Uwe Banton – Love LightRightful Place (mp3 promo) 2009 MKZWO Records

06_Andrew Tosh – What a Gwaan (radio edit) & Dub versionmp3 single advance from ‘I to I’ 2011 Box 10 Entertainment

07_Andrew Tosh – PovertyReggae Now! 1994 Heartbeat Records

08_Inner Visions – Hands Up BabylonStay Alive! 2010 InnerVisons

09_Danny I feat.Army – Never Lay Downmp3 single promo from’To Your Majesty’ 2011 I-Grade Records/Soul of the Lion promotions

10_Midnite & I-Grade – Born in the TimeRule the Time 2007 I Grade Records

11_Batch – Dutty BabylonCrucial Rasta from Jamaica & Beyond Vol.1 2008 Skank Records

12_Sheriff Ghale – Election TimeCrucial Reggae from Outside Jamaica Vol. 2 2005 Skank Records

13_Zion – My RootsStrictly Roots (mp3 promo) 2010 Skank Records

ZionCrying for Freedom 2011 Skank Records

14_Zion – Man from Galille
15_Zion – Crying to World Leaders
16_Zion – Children of Zion

17_Takana Zion – Stolen FamilyRasta Government (promo CD) 2011 SoulBeats Records

18_African Bush Doctor – Better Days Are ComingBetter Days Are Coming 2011 Streets Records,Room in the Sky

19_Winston Reedy – Bawling for LoveLips & Chalis 2011 Cherry & Ree Prods,Room in the Sky

20_Vernon Maytone feat.Linval Thompson – On Jah MissionWords of Wisdom (mp3 promo) 2011 Not Easy At All,Music Life Movement
21_Vernon Maytone – Never get Away

ZonaReGGae BEST of ’11 – Albums of the Month Choice 1st half year sound report

22_ Earl 16 –Fittest of the Fittest extended dubThe Fittest (mp3 promo) 2011 NotEasy At All/JahSolidRock

23_Little Roy – Heat Heat 2011 Pharaos Records

24_The Mighty Lions –Don´t DenyIn This Time 2011 KA Records
The Mighty Lions – Jahoviah Dub

25_The Ratazanas – Blackeopatra Daydreamin’ Lick it Back 2011 Groover Records

Alpheus ID
26_Alpheus – In TimeFrom Creation 2011 A-Lone, FAK Records

27_Professor – Jah Sending OutMadness (promo CD) 2011 Soul Beats Records/Groundation Music
28_Professor – Sending out a Dub

29_Joshua Alo –You´ll Never KnowOrchid Unknown (mp3 promo) 2011 World SoulJah Music

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ZonaReGGae Playlist 13 Julho 2011

July 14, 2011

!!!DOWNLOAD SeSSion!!!

01_Earl 16 – Reggae MusicReggae Roast presents: Lick it Back 2011 Reggae Roast Records
Manasseh – Reggae Music versionReggae Music EP 12inch (advance promo) 2011 Reggae Roast

02_Zion – Live as OneCrying for Freedom 2011 Skank Records
03_Zion – Freedom Cry

04_Ossie Dellimore – Secret to SucessReggae Music (mp3 promo) 2010 Skank Productions

05_Professor – Mind of Man & Mind of DubMadness (promo CD) 2011 Soul Beats Records/Groundation Music

06_Earl 16 – Sinner ManThe Fittest (mp3 promo) 2011 NotEasy At All/JahSolidRock

07_Ras Zacharri feat.Earl 16 – Righteous Ones New Horizon (mp3 promo) 2011 Shem Ha Boreh Records

08_Mista Savona feat.Prince Alla – Captive BirdWarn The Nation ‘Reggae Heavyweights Sound the Alarm’ (promo pre-release CD) 2011 SoulBeatsRecords
Mista Savona – Captive Dub

09_Nereus Joseph – Cool OffDubsenth riddim (mp3 promo) 2011 BroncoRotto/ 80100
Dennis Alcapone & MC Baco – Creature Children

10_Lone Ranger – Original Style Heartical Story vol.1 (mp3 promo) 2011 Heartical
11_ Sugar Minott – Righteous Tradition

12_Mungos Hi-fi feat.Sugar Minott – Got to Make Tracks Play Music Selecta EP (mp3 promo) 2011 Scotch Bonnet Records

13_Mungo’s Hi-Fi feat.I Bogle – BogleBogle 12inch (mp3 promo) 2011 Scotch Bonnet Records
Mungo´s Hi-fi – Bogle riddim

V.A. – Reggae Roast presents: Lick it Back 2011 Reggae Roast Records

14_Kenny Knots – Love Light Shine
15_Rod Taylor – Sign Up
16_The Drop – Looking to the Sky

17_Tribal Seeds – In Your Eyes mp3 single promo from ‘Soundwaves EP’ 2011 Roots Musician

18_Stranger – People Going Bymp3 promo from ‘Underground Sampler’ 2011 Roots Musician

19_E.N. Young – Imagine PeaceLuck and Chance no More (mp3 promo) 2010 Roots Musician Records
E.N. Young – Imagine Dub

20_Mellow Mood – Dem Cyaan Give Us DubThe Missing Dub Versions 2011 ODG net label free download @ ZonaReGGae DOWNLOAD of The MONTH #18

21_Citizen Sound feat.Ammoye – Wa Do Dub Wa Do Dub Remix EP (mp3 promo) 2011 Balanced Records
Citizen Sound – Wa Do Dub version

22_Earlyworm – Dirty Bass Dread SkiesNatty Droid (mp3 promo) 2011 Renegade Media

23_Manutension – Dub To Love12inch (mp3 promo) 2011 Gabriel Romman Musik/ Control Tower Records

24_Emeterians – Dub the MoodChange The Mood 2009 LaFamilleMusic CC License release @

25_Rutera – Fogo do CriadorFogo do Criador 2009 mp3 promo download @

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II Minho Reggae Splash 2011 – 8/9 Julho @ Vila Nova da Cerveira

July 4, 2011

Depois da bem sucedida edição de estreia em 2010, a Associação Cultural Minho Reggae, apresenta a 2ª edição do Minho Reggae Splash, um dos mais recentes festivais em terras portuguesas, inteiramente dedicado às sonoridades do Reggae de raiz!

Sediada em Vigo na Galiza, a Associação Cultural Minho Reggae é um colectivo sócio cultural com a missão de promover e apoiar a música, as artes e estilos de vida conscientes e respeitosos através de actividades educativas e culturais, sendo o Minho Reggae Splash uma dessas actividades.

Dias 8 e 9 Julho, o município da bonita e natural Vila Nova da Cerveira acolhe dois dias de festival, onde o convívio, respeito e cuidado pela natureza encontram a sua expressão através de actividades desportivas e culturais e claro, muita música reggae!

O line-up para os concertos de dia 09 no Auditório já está confirmado e conta com a presença de grandes nomes da actual cena Roots Reggae portuguesa, espanhola e brasileira!

Os bem nossos conhecidos One Love Family; uma das bandas revelação dos últimos anos na Europa, os madrilenos Emeterians; e um dos novos valores do grande movimento roots brasileiro, Rutera Reggae. A vibração Dubwise estará presente pelas selecções e produções do Londrino Bhámbule Sound!

O dia 8 apresenta no palco da Praia, projectos da Galiza como Sauko B & One, Menino Carentes e So-Matutos, o mesmo espaço onde ao longo do festival não irão faltar muitos selectors, Djs e soundsystems como: Selassie Sound (Galiza), Little Cobra (Galiza), I-Rick DJ (Portugal), Vinyl Bullet Sound (Galiza)+ singers.

Para além da forte componente musical, os 2 dias do Minho Reggae Splash proporcionam ainda workshops (Malabarismo,Dança Africana, Percussão…), actividades desportivas (Escalada,Trilho,Kayak,Mini-Golf…), espectáculos artísticos de rua, circo, dança e percussão africana, e muitas outras surpresas, tudo num bonito ambiente natural com acesso a campismo gratuito e praia.


[Promo Video EDIÇÃO 2010]

Fiquem atentos às emissões e ao weblog ZonaReGGae para os destaques sonoros e visita os links para mais informações sobre o festival e bandas. Apoia esta iniciativa da Associação Cultural Minho Reggae!


-MNHO REGGAE facebook


DOWNLOAD of The MONTH #18 – ALAMBIC CONSPIRACY – The Missing Dub Versions (ODG)

July 1, 2011

Alambic ConspiracyThe Missing Dub Versions 2011 Original Dub Gathering net label free download

As sugestões ZonaReGGae de download gratuito apresentam mais um lançamento da net label Original Dub Gathering em formato puro Dubwise!

Originários de San Martino di Campagna em Itália, os Alambic Conspiracy constituem-se de 7 elementos; que se dividem entre trabalhos de produção em estúdio e actuações ao vivo, inteiramente dedicado à criação de música Dub.
Aquando da mudança de estúdio, em Dezembro de 2010, o colectivo italiano desenterrou dos arquivos este The Missing Dub Versions; mixes originais e nunca anteriormente lançados de temas produzidos no estúdio para diversas bandas e produtores que por lá gravitaram ao longo dos anteriores 3 anos.

Esquecidos na obscuridade, os 16 temas presentes na 1ª compilação destes ‘conspiradores’ não se poderiam enquadrar melhor na catalogação DUB, prestando na sua maioria, tributo à música dub original; com orgânicos instrumentais ampliados e explorados através de mistura 100% analógica, repleta de reverbs e tape echoes à antiga!

A qualidade de mistura dos Alambic Conspiracy e dos músicos com quem trabalharam ao longo dos anos é bem demonstrada nesta compilação, com autênticas pérolas Roots Dub dos conhecidos Zion Train, Mellow Mood, Good Vibe Styla, Travellers ou Tree Allegri Ragazzi Morti.
O Steppers em Warrior style também se faz representar com energéticos temas dos R.sistence in Dub, BR Stylers ou Fukada Tree; e com alguns trabalhos mais pesados e modernos de projectos como: The Natural Dub Cluster, Pipoburro ou Temninki, The Missing Dub versions proporciona também uma visão do que podem ser as sonoridades mais dark do Dubstep trabalhadas como ensina a tradição do Dub.

Disponível desde 1 de Junho pela Original Dub Gathering; The Missing Dub Versions revela uma naturalidade Drum and Bass excepcional, tal o nível sonoro das pesadas linhas de baixo e principalmente da bateria.
Um álbum de Dub clássico instrumental, sem propósitos comerciais e nascido do puro prazer de misturar os temas originais tornando-os em versões, que captam a essência e estilo sonoro dos Alambic Conspiracy!