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ZonaReGGae Playlist 28 Dezembro 2011-BEST of ’11-Sound Review IV

December 29, 2011

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01_Sebastian Sturm – Never Been As SadGet Up and Get Going 2011 Soulbeats Records

ZonaReGGae BEST OF’11–THE PEOPLE CHOICES Voting Poll–sound review IV

Cas HaleyConnection 2010 Easy Star Records
02_Cas Haley – Take a Chance
03_Cas Haley – Connection

E.N. YoungLuck and Chance no More 2010 Roots Musician Records
04_E.N. Young – Imagine Peace
05_E.N. Young – Don’t Burn Your Bridges

Joshua Alo Orchid Unknown 2011 World SoulJah Music
06_Joshua Alo – Keep
07_Joshua Alo – Senses

Sattatree Rootsman 2010 One Drop Music
08_Sattatree – Babylon
09_Sattatree – Judgement Time

Uwe Banton Rightful Place 2009 MKZWO Records
10_Uwe Banton – Who´s Gonna Stop Them
11_Uwe Banton – None A Dem

Clinark – Tribute to Michael Jackson’A Legend & A Warrior’ 2010 Nurture Projects Music
12_Clinark – Music and Me
13_Clinark – Heal The World

Ray Darwin People’s Choice 2011 Irie Vibrations Records
14_Ray Darwin – Time Flies
15_Ray Darwin – Another Day

Ras Zacharri – New Horizon 2011 Shem Ha Boreh Records
16_Ras Zacharri – New Horizon
17_Ras Zacharri – Herbs and Spices

Raging FyahJudgement Day 2011 Raging Fyah Productions
18_Raging Fyah – Judgement Day
19_Raging Fyah – Karma

LucianoRub-A-Dub Market 2011 Irievibrations Records
20_Luciano – Rub-A-Dub Market
21_Luciano – Where Is The Love

Derajah & The Donkey Jaw BoneParis is Burning 2011 CHapter Two,Wendo Guenet Prods
22_Derajah feat.Big Youth –Run Run
23_Derajah – Bun Dem to Rass

Takana Zion – Rasta Government 2011 SoulBeats Records
24_Takana Zion feat.Capleton – Glory
25_Takana Zion – Stolen family

Zion Crying for Freedom 2011 Skank Records
26_Zion – Hearts of Man
27_Zion – Children of Zion

Professor Madness 2011 Soul Beats Records/Groundation Music
28_Professor feat.Bernard Collins – Roller Coaster
29_Professor – Intifada & Sign of a Dub

ZonaReGGae BEST OF’11–THE PEOPLE CHOICES Voting Poll–sound review IV

Sebastian SturmGet Up and Get Going 2011 Soulbeats Records

30_Sebastian Sturm feat.Kiddus I – Tear Down the Walls
31_Sebastian Sturm – Get Going
32_Sebastian Sturm – Faith

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