ZonaReGGae Playlist 13 Junho 2012

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01_Bambú Station – Bounded Together Children of Exodus (mp3 promo) 2012 Griotlife Recordings,Zojak World Wide

02_Winston Reedy & Donkey Jaw Bone – Think Twice Make a Change 2012 Chapter Two

03_Winston Reedy – Step ForwardLips & Chalis 2011 Cherry & Ree Prods,Room in the Sky

04_Courtney John – So Beautifulmp3 single advance from ‘From Letters to Words’ 2012 Fiwi Music

05_Macka B – Never Played a 45”Change The World (mp3 promo) 2012 Chinelo Records
06_Macka B – Can’t Sleep

07_Solo Banton – Herb Story Walk Like Rasta (mp3 promo) 2009 Reality Shock Records

08_Errol Bellot – Grey Skies Know Jah (mp3 promo) 2012 Reality Shock Records

09_Aqua Livi – Ancient TimesAncient Times 12” (mp3 promo) 2012 Reality Shock Records
10_Soom T – Kingdom Rise
11_Kris Kemist – Ancient Times Dub

12_Jahdan Blakkamoore – All Comes Back to One (Bobos Remix)All Comes back to One EP Remix 2011 Lustre Kings Productions/Lion Dub International Music

13_Nazarenes – Lonesome LadyMeditation (mp3 promo) 2012 I-Grade Records
14_Nazarenes – Meditation

Winston Reedy & Donkey Jaw BoneMake a Change 2012 Chapter Two

15_Winston Reedy & Donkey Jaw Bone – Mi No Got It
16_Winston Reedy & Donkey Jaw Bone – Thy Kingdom Come
17_Winston Reedy & Donkey Jaw Bone – Stepping Outta Babylon

18_Derajah & The Donkey Jaw Bone – Paris Burnin’ Paris is Burning 2011 Chapter Two

19_Ras Daniel Ray & Tu-Shung Peng – Africa Calling – Ray of Light (mp3 promo) 2012 Ku Shung

20_Urban Tribe Stockholm – Down and DirtyBetter Days 2012 Rub-A-Dub Records
21_Urban Tribe Stockholm – Howard’s Dub

Bambú StationChildren of Exodus (mp3 promo) 2012 Griotlife Recordings,Zojak World Wide

22_Bambú Station – Heathen
23_Bambú Station – Warning
24_Bambú Station – Closer to Heaven

25_Pura Vida – Downpressor single 2012 Lost Ark Music free download @ http://soundcloud.com/lost-ark-music/

26_Pura Vida & The Congos – Africa (extended)unreleased version from “We Nah Give Up” 2011 Lost Ark Music free download @ http://soundcloud.com/lost-ark-music/

27_Super Apes – Ark AttackSuper Apes (2008) 2012 Springline Records,Come Fi Conquer

28_Yabass Yaba Radics – Natty Dread DubDread Plate Dubs (Fan Special Promo) 2012 Springline Records, ComeFiConquer

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One Response to “ZonaReGGae Playlist 13 Junho 2012”

  1. selecta Says:


    This week’s ZonaReGGae radioshow @ RUA FM, with our original live & direct, Roots, Dub & Revival selection style:)

    ->new music playing by: Aqua Livi, Soom T, Nazarenes, Urban Tribe Stockholm, Pura Vida & The Congos, Yabass, Super Apes,Courtney John, Ras Daniel Ray, Macka B & many more!

    -> Another DOUBLE HIGHLIGHT to BRAND NEW RELEASES featuring this week, two amazing Roots Rock Reggae Revival bands!

    WINSTON REEDY & DONKEY JAW BONE – ‘Make a Change’ (Chapter Two)

    After last year’s ‘Paris is Burning’ release, alongside Jamaican rising singer Derajah, French band Donkey Jaw Bone proved to be one of the highest representatives of Revival Roots Rock Reggae music! Only natural that they would apply the same formula alongside a roots veteran voice, and the choice could not be better than British 70T´s band The Cimarons leader, Winston Reedy!
    One of UK’s long time undisputed beautiful and soulful voices, Winston Reedy is ‘one of the rare keepers of that good old sound that forged Roots Reggae’, and the meeting in London in 2009/2010 with Donkey Jaw Bone crew, originated one of the greatest albums of his long career!
    Donkey Jaw Bone’s full organic and analogue style of playing and producing music, gets pretty close to the one from the original 70T’s vibe, and finds a stunning extra touch with the joyful flute and saxophone arrangements from Rico ‘Faya Dub’ participation.
    With tunes like ‘Lion of Judah’, ‘Mi no Got it’, ‘Steppin Outta babylon’, ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ or ‘Make a Change’, Winston Reedy brings the Rastafarian teachings into his lyrics in favour of his more usual ‘lovers rock’ trademark, and reflects that much needed genuine light, vibe and hope for the Change that our choices and beliefs can bring into the world!

    BAMBU STATION – ‘Children of Exodus’ (Griotlife Recordings)

    If any doubt still was that Virgin Islands Bambu Station are one the greatest Roots Rock Reggae bands of nowadays, their 4th and brand new album ‘Children of Exodus’ shows their Rockaz style and attitude is ready to conquer and enlighten the world!
    As always the charismatic voice and poetry of lead singer Jalani Horton alongside the group’s harmonies and hearthical percussions and rhythms, blend perfectly to resound their words of truth in any that will listen and feel it.
    From the title track spoken word style featuring African-American philosopher ‘Ben Ammi’; the inspiring advises in ‘Walk Your Mile’ or ‘Wanna C U Love’ to the amazing Rockers tunes ‘Heathen’, ‘Warning’ or ‘Times is Dread’ (all featuring legendary Wailers guitar player Junior Marvin), or the acoustic moving praises from ‘Families of Jah’, ‘Closer to Heaven’ or ‘All We Have’, Bambu Station present an amazing conscious musical upliftment that transcends concepts and genres, and in the words of the band: ‘Look to kick down doors of mediocrity, mundane and superficial vibes’. Definitely one the best original, true and divine – music for the people – releases!

    More rootical vibes comin strong next week:) Keep tuning in!

    Hayah Love!
    I-Rick DJ

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