ZonaReGGae Playlist 30 Maio 2012

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01_Martin Zobel & Soulrise – Take it Easy Land Of The Free(mp3 promo) 2012 IrieVibrations Records

02_Anthony B – Jah Bless Me Freedom Fighter (mp3 promo) 2012 IrieVibrationsRecords

03_R.C. – Can´t Bridge My Defensemp3 single from ‘Storms of Life’ 2012 Silly Walks Discotheque

04_Raging Fyah – I and IJudgement Day (mp3 promo) 2011 Raging Fyah Productions

05_Marcia Griffiths & Kwabena Nip – Governs Of Africanssingle (mp3 promo) 2012 RadioDirectX

06_Rebellion The Recaller – In This Timemp3 single from ‘In This Time’ 2012 Inspired Ones

07_Like The Man Said feat.Lutan Fyah – More Conscious=More Fyah1NE 2009 LTMS

08_Mugsy – Silence is OMMugsy meets Akete ‘Grass to Rass’ 2012 free download @ http://soundcloud.com/like-the-man-said/

09_Freddy Locks feat.C.O.M.A. – For Us Rootstation 2012 V&A

10_Delmighty Sounds & Junior Dread – Freedomsingle mp3 2012 free download @ http://soundcloud.com/juniordread

11_Jah Marnyah – Keep TryingKeep Trying EP (mp3 promo) 2012 Faya Wurks Records
Vibronics – Keep Trying Dub version

12_Webcam Hi Fi feat. Zafayah, Jahmmi Youth & Sen I – Message to di YouthFeeding my faith (mp3 promo) 2012 Tube Dub Sound Records

13_Zafayah Meets Dub Caravan – Twenty Fuss CenturyOut Loud 12inch (pre-release mp3 promo) 2012 Dread Camel Records
14_Zafayah Meets Dub Caravan – Microchip
Dub Caravan – Microska

15_Nambo Robinson meets Dub Caravan – Praise the HornHappy and Free 2011 Dread Camel Records

Martin Zobel & Soulrise Land Of The Free (mp3 promo) 2012 IrieVibrations Records

16_Martin Zobel & Soulrise – What You Love
17_Martin Zobel & Soulrise – Our Voices
18_Martin Zobel & Soulrise – We Want More

19_Bambú Station – Walk Your Mile Children of Exodus (mp3 promo) 2012 Griotlife Recordings,Zojak World Wide

20_Legend Live – Fighting for SurvivalFighting For Survival 2011 LLMusic

21_Soothsayers – Human Nature (Yesking mix)We’re Not Leaving EP 2012 Red Earth Records

22_Winston Reedy & Donkey Jaw Bone – Show Some Love – Make a Change 2012 Chapter Two

23_Luciano – Voice Of A TrumpetRub-A-Dub Market (mp3 promo) 2011 Irievibrations Records

Anthony BFreedom Fighter (mp3 promo) 2012 IrieVibrationsRecords

24_Anthony B – Freedom Fighter
25_Anthony B – Born to be Free
26_Anthony B – Same Boat

27_Cali P – Sounds of Creation13 Months in Zion riddim (mp3 promo) 2012 Suns of Dub, One Motion Music
Addis Pablo – 13 Months in Zion

28_Big Youth – London´s BurningLondon´s Burning (mp3 single advance) 2011 Ariwa Sounds

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One Response to “ZonaReGGae Playlist 30 Maio 2012”

  1. selecta Says:


    Welcome to this week radio broadcast with ZonaReGGae Roots,Dub & Revival selections!

    ->NEW tunes and releases playing from: Cali P,Addis Pablo, Winston Reedy, Soothsayers, Bambu Station, Dub Caravan & Zafayah, Webcam Hi-Fi, Delmighty Sounds, Mugsy, JAH MARNYAH, Rebellion The Recaller, Marcia Griffiths & Kwabena Nip & more!!

    ->Dis week ZonaReGGae presents a DOUBLE HIGHLIGHT to BRAND NEW release, featuring Austria’s top reggae crew and label IRIE VIBRATIONS RECORDS!

    Anthony B – ‘FREEDOM FIGHTER’
    Following last year’s amazing ‘Rub-A-Dub Market’ release featuring Luciano, Irie Vibrations crew, comes up with another exclusive production presenting a worldwide renowned Jamaican artist: Anthony B!
    The 14 tracks presented in ‘Freedom Fighter’ are all IrieVibrations crew live recorded riddims, and again, as with Luciano’s album, this is the way to bring the best out of the artist, with Anthony B shining in top form all over the album.
    Roots Reggae inna modern way, and also a couple of odd RnB and Dancehall approaches, are the basis for the ‘Freedom Fighter’ to chant and singjay some of the best positive and hopeful words listened from Anthony B.
    A powerful album, likewise Anthony B’s acclaimed energetic live performances, on dis new set, tunes like ‘Same Boat’, ‘Born to the Free’, ‘Too Hard’ or ‘Freedom Fighter’ will surely rock, both your mind and body!
    A definite soon come Anthony B classic release!

    Martin Zobell & Soulrise – ‘LAND OF THE FREE’
    One of Germany’s top reggae vocalists, Martin Zobel, made a big impression in 2008 with his solo acoustic debut album ‘Soul to Soul’; 2 years later he teamed up with live band Soulrise, for ‘One Future!’; and now the time has come for the worldwide recognition with the new ‘Land of the Free’!
    For a reggae release nowadays to be ‘tagged’ as ‘A new Chapter in Roots Reggae music…’ some things have definitively to be properly aligned; original and live recorded Roots Reggae music; an authentic and charismatic voice, and….a top Jamaican roots veteran to wrap things up! All of this and even more is present in this fruitful collaboration between Martin Zobel and Jamaican producer Fully Fulwood!
    The long time veteran bass player for Peter Tosh ‘Word Sound & Power’ band, truly made a beautiful masterpiece out of Martin Zobel & Soulrise well crafted Roots Rock Reggae and rocksteady tunes; all filled with words of understanding and healing for the world. Original organic roots reggae at it´s best!
    (check playlist for LINKS & + INFOS!)

    More to come next week!Keep it strong!
    Hayah Love!
    I-rick DJ

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