ZonaReGGae Playlist 15 Fevereiro 2012

!!!DOWNLOAD SeSSion!!!

01_Stika Meets Delmighty Sounds feat.Mariana Root & Ayala – Plant the SeedPlant The Seed 2012 Free Download @ http://soundcloud.com/delmightysounds/
Stika Meets Delmighty Sounds feat.Mariana Root & Ayala – Plant the Dub

02_Dubmatix feat.Earl Zero – Wicked Part of Townsingle 2011 Renegade Media/RadioDirectX

03_Earl Zero – You’re Gonna FallAnd God Said to Man Showcase (mp3 promo) 2010 A-Lone Records
Lone Ark Riddim Force – Wake Up Dub

04_Zamaramandi feat.Roberto Sanchéz – Are We Free?Zamarandi meets R Sanchez ‘Cool & Free EP’ 2010 CC License free download @ http://www.minhoreggae.com/

05_Zamaramandi – Media Moguls Demo EP (mp3 promo) 2011 Muu Studios Vigo

06_Legend Live – Babylon TrapFighting for Survival 2011 LegendLiveMusic
07_Legend Live – Look How Long

08_Beshara – Glory Glory (1999 remix)unreleased single 2012 Beshara Music

09_Only Joe – Sound Foundationsingle (mp3 promo) 2011 OnlyJoe
Only Joe – Sound Foundation Dubsingle mp3 2011 free download @ http://onlyjoe.bandcamp.com/

10_Citizen Sound feat. Prince Blanco & Ammoye – Rebel DubCitizen Sound (digital release promo) 2012 Balanced Records

11_Bob Marley – Is This Dub (Remixed & Remastered by G-Sharp Creative) single 2012 G-Sharp Creative

12_Bob Marley & The Wailers – Concrete Jungle (Jamaican version 1977)Catch a Fire Deluxe Edition 2011 Island

13_The Heptones – Temptation, Botheration and Tribulation ‘Better Days’ (1978) Niney Presents Deep Roots Observer Style Box 2012 17th North Parade,VP Records

14_Peter Tosh – Legalize It Legalize It (reissue) 1999 Sony
Peter Tosh – Legalize it dub version– Honorary Citizen 1997 Columbia

15_Augustus Pablo – Mountain View Dub (Version One)Sounds & Pressure Vol 5 2003 Pressure sounds

16_Dub Caravan & Shaky Norman – Happy MelodicaNambo Robinson meets Dub Caravan – Happy and Free 2011 Dread Camel Records
17_Dub Caravan meets Nambo Robinson – Thank You

18_Apple Gabriel – In The Jungle & Jungle VersionTeach Them Right 2010 JahSolidRock & Not Easy At All Productions

19_Paulinda Knight meets Echo & Reverb – Devotion7inch (mp3 promo) 2012 Skankyard Records

Stika Meets Delmighty Sounds Plant The Seed 2012 Free Download @ http://soundcloud.com/delmightysounds/
20_Stika Meets Delmighty Sounds feat.Prenton Bless – Jah Love
21_Stika Meets Delmighty Sounds feat.Mariana Root & Ayala – Nuh Pretty
22_Stika Meets Delmighty Sounds – Runaway & Dubaway

23_Errol Bellot – Reality Shock Know Jah (mp3 promo) 2012 Reality Shock Records

24_Mikey Murka – Don’t Know Why In the name of Love (mp3 promo) 2007 Reality Shock Records

25_Mungos Hi-Fi feat. Mikey Murka – Back on the scene again Mungo’s Hi fi presents ‘Mary Jane riddim’ (mp3 promo) 2007 Scotch Bonnet Records

26_Dub Unit Feat Speng Bond – Ganjama  (Mariojuana riddim) – unreleased 2011 CubiculoRecords

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