ZonaReGGae BEST of 2011 -The People Choices-FINAL RESULTS TOP 10

The people have voted and here are the final TOP 10 results for ZonaReGGae BEST of 2011!
As usually a voting poll ruled by the hardcore fans and supporters from the artists presented, this year congrats go forward to Mr. Clinark ‘The Reggae Torch’, a favourite modern roots reggae artist from the island of Bermuda, with his heartfull tribute to Michael Jackson!
Honours also forward to The Mighty Lions, runners up, with their amazing debut release ‘In This Time’; and Jamaican veteran Earl Sixteen, in 3rd with the great and well crafted collaboration with Dutch Not Easy At All Crew!

A final TOP 10 that truly attests to the diversity and eclectic selections that ZonaReGGae radioshow stands for.
Give thanks for everyone that voted, supported and shared the vibes! Be sure to check the other releases featuring on the final TOP 10, and check the associated links to know their musical works and vibes!

Dont forget to give also a look also at:


!!!!The People Choices – TOP 10!!!!

::::::::::NUMBER 1::::::::::

[17,5% voting]

Clinark Tribute to Michael Jackson ’A Legend & A Warrior’ 2010 Nurture Projects Music

::::::::::NUMBER 2::::::::::

[14,5% voting]

The Mighty Lions In This Time 2011 KA Records

::::::::::NUMBER 3::::::::::

[6% voting]

Earl SixteenThe Fittest 2011 NotEasy At All/JahSolidRock

::::::::::NUMBER 4::::::::::

[4.5% voting]

DiasporaA Jamaican in Cairo 2010 GreenQueenMusic

::::::::::NUMBER 5::::::::::

[3,5% voting]

Vernon Maytone & Friends Words of Wisdom 2011 Not Easy At All,Music Life Movement

::::::::::NumberS 6::::::::::

[3.% voting]

10 Ft. Ganja Plant Shake Up The Place 2011 ROIR Records


V.A. – Heartical Story vol.1 2011 Heartical


V.A.– J Star & Dr.Cat present: Dub Zealand 2011 Green Queen Music

::::::::::Number 7::::::::::

[2.70% voting]

Luciano Rub-A-Dub Market 2011 Irievibrations Records

::::::::::NumberS 8::::::::::

[2.40% voting]

Mungo’s Hi Fi Forward Ever 2011 Scotch Bonnet Records


V.A. -Cultural Vibes Vol.1 2010 Not Easy At All,Jah Solid Rock

::::::::::NumberS 9::::::::::

[2% voting]

AlpheusFrom Creation 2011 A-Lone Records/FAK Records


Nambo Robinson meets Dub CaravanHappy and Free 2011 Dread Camel Records

::::::::::NumberS 10:::::::::::

[1.5% voting]

Aldubb– Let There Be Dub 2010 One Drop Music/Irieland Music


Sattatree – Rootsman 2010 One Drop Music


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