ZonaReGGae Reviews…V.A. – Rhygin Showcase Vol.1 2011 Rhygin Records

Taking their name from famous Jamaican outlaw and folk hero Ivanhoe ‘Rhyging’ Martin, Californian Rhygin Records crew is definitely one of the hottest sounds around the worldwide underground revival scenes.
Going back to 2004, when their first 7inch singles came out (one of which featured legendary Jamaican artist Cedric Brooks!), we can see that the common goal of this musicians, producers, dj’s and engineers collective, is to bring back reggae and soul music golden days.


There’s an exquisite sense of paying tribute to the oldies in Rhygin productions; from the exclusive use of analogue gear, the vintage sound (fuelled with ‘white noise’!), all the way to choosing to release vinyl, and even the covers artwork; Rhygin Records truly and humbly stand up to their self-proclaimed title of ‘The Revival Sounds of Now’!
After a few years of reissuing their older stuff and improving their, foundation style of playing, skills, their back in 2011 with the first LP, revealing their top session players in action, and first vocal cuts.

And one thing is sure, never Rockers music as been revisited in such a fine style as in the new ‘Rhygin Showcase Vol.1’!

Generation Rockers band are one of the highlight on this showcase, with tunes like ‘Rambling’, ‘Sea Change‘ and ‘Coast to Coast’ showing you the original Rockers, Rocksteady and Northern Soul music.

The funky approach of Tino Ranks on ‘Pohiki’ , the heavy organic Dubwise from Sandollar Sounds on ‘The Way’ and The Black Emeralds ‘Vipers and Liars’, will get fans of original roots music wondering where this new ‘Jamaican‘ sound comes from!
To crown this new release in top style, Rhygin Records present their first ever vocal tunes, ‘Im still Here’ and ‘Dangerous’, two Lovers Rock heartfull cuts featuring talent South California singer Roots Daughtah.

A guaranteed scorcher from Santa Cruz ‘Revival Sounds of Now’ crew, back in a supreme manner with this amazing line up of Roots & Rockers vintage display, filled with plenty of groovy & funky tunes, making it one of the Best in 2011!


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