ZonaReGGae Playlist 07 Dezembro 2011-BEST of ’11-Sound Review I

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01_Dub Vision feat.Wadi Gad– Rebel Sounds – Counter Attack! 2011 Big Cup Music

02_I-Wayne – Burn Down SaddomLife Teachings (mp3 promo) 2011 VP Records

03_Jah Turban – Working Mansingle (mp3 promo) 2011 SJP Records

04_Soothsayers feat.Cornell Campbell – I´ll Never Leave7inch (mp3 promo) 2011 Red Earth Records/Kudos Records

ZonaReGGae BEST OF’11–THE PEOPLE CHOICES Voting Poll sound review I

Winston ReedyLips & Chalis 2011 Cherry & Ree Prods,Room in the Sky
05_Winston Reedy – Bawling for Love
06_Winston Reedy – Goodness in Me

Earl ZeroMarketplace 2011 ForeignKeyRecords
07_Earl Zero – Blackmans Time
08_Earl Zero – Changes & The Lion Dubs Again

Little Roy Heat 2011 Pharos Records
09_Little Roy – Membership Card
10_Little Roy – Jah Can Count on I

Vernon Maytone & FriendsWords of Wisdom 2011 Not Easy At All,Music Life Movement
11_Vernon Maytone feat-Linval Thompson – On Jah Mission
12_Vernon Maytone – Life is For Living

Earl SixteenThe Fittest 2011 NotEasy At All/JahSolidRock
13_Earl Sixteen – Modern Slavery
14_Earl Sixteen – Changing Times & dub version

Clinton FearonMe Deh Yah 2010 Boggie Brown Productions
15_Clinton Fearon – Me De Yah
16_Clinton Fearon – Better Days

Nambo Robinson meets Dub CaravanHappy and Free 2011 Dread Camel Records
17_Nambo Robinson meets Dub Caravan – Thank You
Nambo Robinson meets Dub Caravan – Mountainside
18_Nambo Robinson meets Dub Caravan – Letter to LKJ

Dave Barker meets Alberto Tarín & The Jazzin Reggae BandA Moment in Time 2011 Brixton Records
19_Dave Barker meets Alberto Tarín – Jah I Pray
20_Dave Barker meets Alberto Tarín – City Runnings

Grant Phabao & Carlton LivingstonBridge of Life 2010 Colored-Inc.
21_Grant Phabao & Carlton Livingston – Sing Power to the People
22_Grant Phabao & Carlton Livingston – Bridge of Life

Grant Phabao & The Lone RangerSweet Talking 2010 Colored-Inc.
23_Grant Phabao & The Lone Ranger – Trod Along
24_Grant Phabao & The Lone Ranger – Music Weh Dem Wan

Rod TaylorHold On Strong 2009 Nagona Music Records
25_Rod Taylor – Holy Mount Zion
26_Rod Taylor – Open the Gates

ZonaReGGae BEST OF’11–THE PEOPLE CHOICES Voting Poll sound review I

Dub VisionCounter Attack! 2011 Big Cup Music
27_Dub Vision feat Don Carlos – Trod On
28_Dub Vision feat.Tony Peebles – Double O Stash
29_Dub Vision feat.Malika Madremana – Child of Israel

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One Response to “ZonaReGGae Playlist 07 Dezembro 2011-BEST of ’11-Sound Review I”

  1. selecta Says:


    December winter vibes finally arrived in Portugal:)
    Time to chill out and do the annual sounds reviews for THE BEST OF albums highlighted at the show all over this year!
    That’s it…BEST OF 2011 @ ZonaReGGae – THE PEOPLE CHOICES – Voting Poll is officially on the go!
    For the seventh year on a row, ZonaReGGae presents the choices for the favourites and most played releases over the last year, for you to vote in your own favourites!
    57 Releases submitted from December 2010 to December 2011 (four more highlights will still take place during this month), representing ZonaReGGae’s Roots, Dub & Reggae Revival philosophy at its best!

    ->This weeks sound review, brings back the sounds from 11 releases, all featuring oldschool veteran and legendary singers like, Earl Sixteen, Little Roy, Earl Zero or Clinton Fearon just to name a few!

    Just follow the link to know more about it and choose your favourites for this year->

    ->HIGHLIGHT to new releases keep on going all over the month, with the last 4 entries for the Voting Poll, and this week we present:
    DUB VISION – ‘Counter Attack!’ (Big Cup Music)

    Debut release for this US west coast musician’s ensemble, ‘Counter Attack!’ brings 11 tracks of modern Roots, Dub & Rockers music, introducing Dub Vision as much more than the backing band they are known to be!
    The experience of more than a decade backing up Jamaican legend Don Carlos worldwide tours, as also other JA veterans as Dillinger, Charlie Chaplin or Sister Carol, proved worthwhile for the band to get a good and personal understanding of reggae music.
    Produced by the bands leader David ‘Hodge’ Lodge, ‘Counter Attack!’ may not be a Dub album, but tunes like ‘Counter Attack’ and ‘Extrication’ (featuring Balboa Becker on trombone and Gavin Distasi on trumpet), ‘Trod Along’ featuring Don Carlos in and out echoed vocals, or the amazing ‘Rebel Sounds’ with the powerful voice of Wadi Gad, all give a glimpse of what an amazing Dub release it could be!
    For the more modern reggae listeners, ‘Child of Israel’ presenting Malika Madremana, the relaxed ‘Cool Summer’ with Hodge on lead vocals or the uplifting ‘Mind Yourself’ once again with Don Carlos in a contagious good mood, are strong tunes showing off Dub Vision versatility in playing reggae music.
    An album filled with good vibes, uplifting and conscious words, groovy basslines and some quite surprising rocking guitar, Dub Vision’s horn section drives the different moods in a great debut album from a band ready to take the forefront of worldwide stages!

    Keep cheking for more on the upcoming weeks, and give a helping hand spreading our BEST of VOTING POLL!

    Hayah Love!

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