ZonaReGGae Playlist 26 Outubro 2011

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01_Dub Caravan – Mountain EchosNomadic Fusions 2011 DUBMED

02_Freddie McGregor – RallyRoots Garden Showcase Vol.2 (mp3 promo) 2008 Roots Garden Records

03_Errol Dunkley – Live UprightLive Upright 10inch (mp3 promo) 2011 Reality Shock Records

04_The Viceroys – UniteConcrete Castle King riddim 12inch (mp3 promo) 2011 Jamtone Records

05_Digital Dubs feat.Ranking Joe – Justice and Equality#1 2011 ROIR Records

06_McPullish feat.General Smiley – I Wish no More War General Smiley meets McPullish at Dub Cove (mp3 promo) 2011 Charlie’s Records single free download @ http://mcpullish.bandcamp.com/
07_McPullish feat.General Smiley – Unity Chant

08_McPullish feat.Sylford Walker – White Collar Criminals (extended version) 7inch (mp3 promo) 2011 Charlie’s Records

09_Ticklah & Victor Rice – Elimination Gamesingle 7’’ (mp3 promo) 2009 LionDub45

10_Dubmatix & Brother Culture – Rough Little Sound (LionDub RMX dubplate) 2011 LionDub free download @ http://soundcloud.com/liondub/dubmatix-ft-brother-culture

11_Attack Released – Two Face RastaRiddim Showcase Vol.1 2011 KingDub Records free release @ http://records.kingdub.com
12_Attack Released – Followers in dub

13_ Dub Caravan feat.Ras Zacharri & Root Souljahz – Strike a Blow digital release 2010 Dread Camel Records Dub MED free download @ http://www.dubcaravan.com
14_Dub Caravan feat.Shaky Norman – Strike a Melodica

Dub CaravanNomadic Fusions 2011 DUBMED

15_Dub Caravan – Passage of the Dunes
16_Dub Caravan – Longing
17_Dub Caravan – Sacred Place

18_Diaspora feat.Bob Andy – Running for CoverA Jamaican in Cairo 2010 GreenQueenMusic

19_Ruben Da Silva – Jah Reign The Reuben Rhythm 7’’ (mp3 promo) 2011 Roots Garden Records

20_Ruben Da Silva feat.Skinnyman – Sensi SkankSensi Skank EP (mp3 promo) 2011 Reggae Roast Records

21_Livity Access – Wolf inna bullpenNet Tape 2011 Fresh Poulp Records free release @ http://www.fresh-poulp.net/releases/fpr061/
22_Livity Access – Wolf inna bullpen dub

_Reality Souljahs – Africa Will Rise (extended version)12inch (mp3 promo) 2011 Storm and Break Records/ Control Tower Records

23_Violin Bwoy – Brixton Chapter 1 (unreleased dubplate) 2011
24_Violin Bwoy – Brixton Chapter 2 (unreleased dubplate) 2011
25_Violin Bwoy – Requiem ( unreleased dubplate) 2011

26_Matthew McAnuff – If You Want War (extended mix) If you want War 10’’ (mp3 pre-release promo) 2009 Own Mission Records

27_Tom Fire feat.Matthew McAnuff – BrainwashBrainWash EP single (mp3 promo) 2011 Tom Fire (www.tom-fire.com)

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One Response to “ZonaReGGae Playlist 26 Outubro 2011”

  1. selecta Says:


    Last night ZonaReGGae radio show coming inna Heavy Bassline & Strictly Dubwise selections:)
    new tunes playing: McPullish feat.General Smiley & Sylford Walker;The Viceroy; LionDub; Attack Released;Violin Bwoy, Ruben Da Silva; Livity Access; Reality Souljahs; Matthew Mcanuff & more!

    HIGHLIGHT to BRAND NEW releases presents Dub Caravan’s ‘Nomadic Fusions’.

    For those in touch with Dub Caravan’s musical works, it’s well known that his wanderer personality is well matched and reflected upon the musical creation offered by this UK based producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist.
    Since 2010 debut ‘Virtual Oasis’, alongside Cyprus Dub Poet Haji Mike, Dub Caravan revealed a fresh, natural and organic Dub music producer identity, not bounding himself to preconceived styles by aiming to create fresh and innovative approaches, yet remaining faithful to the 70T´s Reggae & Dub music influences.

    The Caravan’s originator Felix Russ Abu nomadic nature, brings him in constant meeting with new musicians, singers and poets from different cultures and countries, allowing for the versatility of the sounds to constantly evolve and shift into new and original tunes, something that seems naturally orchestrated in the new release from his DUBMED independent label, perfectly named ‘Nomadic Fusions’.
    Contemplative, emotional and mystical landscapes and backgrounds will manifest in your thoughts while listening to this 9 tracks journey across Mediterranean, Middle and Far East lands, all brought together by flowing and intense basslines, turning ‘Nomadic Fusions’ in an amazing World & Bass experience!
    The sounds from Jamaica also play a big role in the Nomadic Fusions, and tracks like ‘Oriental Vibes’, ‘Passage of the Dunes’ or ‘Sacred Place’ present a pleasant and spatial rootical approach.

    In a creative mix of Ethnic, Downtempo, Chill Out and World Beat amalgam, everyone with a desire to feel the pulse of Mother Earth will surely be drawn into ‘Inner Voices’, ‘Longing’, ‘Asi-Africa’ and the amazing well crafted organic beats in ‘Drum,Bass and Orange Blossoms’.
    Along the journey, new friends always take a ride in the Caravan, and this time Serbian multi-instrumentist, Vladiswar Nadishana or usual companions Jerry Coox and Shaki Norman bring their unique contributions in the birthing of one the best Ethno Dub releases in the latest times!

    Keep on tuning in, and blessings for listening!
    Hayah Love!

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