ZonaReGGae Playlist 20 Julho 2011

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01_Zion – Rise UpCrying for Freedom 2011 Skank Records

02_The Grasspoppers feat.Selma Uamusse – Brown Skin Guymp3 single from ‘Lovers Rock inna Week’ 2011 The Grasspoppers

03_The Grasspoppers – RootsmanDub Inna Week 2010 Grasspoppers free download @ http://soundcloud.com/the-grasspopper

04_Freddy Locks – Felling RootsSeek Your Truth 2010 V&A

05_Uwe Banton – Love LightRightful Place (mp3 promo) 2009 MKZWO Records

06_Andrew Tosh – What a Gwaan (radio edit) & Dub versionmp3 single advance from ‘I to I’ 2011 Box 10 Entertainment

07_Andrew Tosh – PovertyReggae Now! 1994 Heartbeat Records

08_Inner Visions – Hands Up BabylonStay Alive! 2010 InnerVisons

09_Danny I feat.Army – Never Lay Downmp3 single promo from’To Your Majesty’ 2011 I-Grade Records/Soul of the Lion promotions

10_Midnite & I-Grade – Born in the TimeRule the Time 2007 I Grade Records

11_Batch – Dutty BabylonCrucial Rasta from Jamaica & Beyond Vol.1 2008 Skank Records

12_Sheriff Ghale – Election TimeCrucial Reggae from Outside Jamaica Vol. 2 2005 Skank Records

13_Zion – My RootsStrictly Roots (mp3 promo) 2010 Skank Records

ZionCrying for Freedom 2011 Skank Records

14_Zion – Man from Galille
15_Zion – Crying to World Leaders
16_Zion – Children of Zion

17_Takana Zion – Stolen FamilyRasta Government (promo CD) 2011 SoulBeats Records

18_African Bush Doctor – Better Days Are ComingBetter Days Are Coming 2011 Streets Records,Room in the Sky

19_Winston Reedy – Bawling for LoveLips & Chalis 2011 Cherry & Ree Prods,Room in the Sky

20_Vernon Maytone feat.Linval Thompson – On Jah MissionWords of Wisdom (mp3 promo) 2011 Not Easy At All,Music Life Movement
21_Vernon Maytone – Never get Away

ZonaReGGae BEST of ’11 – Albums of the Month Choice 1st half year sound report

22_ Earl 16 –Fittest of the Fittest extended dubThe Fittest (mp3 promo) 2011 NotEasy At All/JahSolidRock

23_Little Roy – Heat Heat 2011 Pharaos Records

24_The Mighty Lions –Don´t DenyIn This Time 2011 KA Records
The Mighty Lions – Jahoviah Dub

25_The Ratazanas – Blackeopatra Daydreamin’ Lick it Back 2011 Groover Records

Alpheus ID
26_Alpheus – In TimeFrom Creation 2011 A-Lone, FAK Records

27_Professor – Jah Sending OutMadness (promo CD) 2011 Soul Beats Records/Groundation Music
28_Professor – Sending out a Dub

29_Joshua Alo –You´ll Never KnowOrchid Unknown (mp3 promo) 2011 World SoulJah Music

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