ZonaReGGae Playlist 29 Dezembro 2010 – BEST of ’10 5th sound Review!

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01_Diaspora– Iree ItesA Jamaican in Cairo (mp3 promo) 2010 GreenQueenMusic

02_Early Worm – The Nile Dreadfree mp3 promo single 2010 Renegade Media/Rocker available @ http://soundcloud.com/earlywrm

03_Dubmatix – Terminator Dubfree mp3 unreleased Dub 2010 Renegade Media/Rocker available @ http://soundcloud.com/dubmatix/terminator-dub

04_Fu Steps – Going Round12” (mp3 promo) 2010 Orcast
Fu Steps – Going Dub

05_ Natanja feat.Hiske – Dread DUB (Jr Cony dub) Moshi Kamachi Presents Natanja in Dub 2010 KingDUB Records free release @ http://records.kingdub.com/

06_The Dub Factory – Asian Rockers 45’’ (mp3 promo) 2010 Counteraction Soundz
The Dub Factory – Asian Rockers Dub

Diaspora A Jamaican in Cairo (mp3 promo) 2010 GreenQueenMusic
07_Diaspora feat.Raiz – Diaspora
08_Diaspora feat.aminaannabi – Yasalam
09_Diaspora feat.Bob Andy – Running for Cover

10_Earl 16 – The Fittest (Collie Weed)Cultural Vibes Vol.1 2010 Not Easy At All,Jah Solid Rock
Not Easy crew – Dub version

-ZonaReGGae BEST of 2010-The People Choices Voting Poll –
5th 2010 sound review –More Roots Revival Choices –

HotdropDis[Cover] Showcase 2010 Lafamille Music CC License release @ http://www.mypace.com/hotdrop78
11_Hotdrop feat.Carlos Alonso – Should I

Emeterians Change The Mood 2009 LaFamilleMusic CC License release @ http://www.myspace.com/lafamillemusica
12_Emeterians – Next Generation

ID P-Dub
Predator Dub AssassinsFully Qualified 2009 P-Dub Records
13_Predator Dub Assassins – Sometimes I

Roots CircusWednesdays 2009 Rub-a-Dub Records
14_Roots Circus – There is a Spell Over this City

Dub Inc Hors Contrôle 2010 Naïve
15_Dub Incorporation feat.Tarrus Riley – No Doubt

Jah Pearl and Bouddha Sticks Motherland 2010 Gibraltar/IWelcom promotions
16_Jah Pearl feat.Anthony John – Burning Fire

ID Rootz Underground
Rootz Underground Gravity 2010 Soul Beat Records/IWelcom promotions
17_Roots Underground – Power to the People

ID Walter Saw
Walter SawStronger 2010 J’Island Records/ Calibud Music
18_Walter Saw – Africans Home and Abroad

Don Carlos Changes 2010 Continental Records
19_Don Carlos – Changes (things in life)

V.A. – Foundation Compilation ‘Reggae Series Vol. One‘ 2010 MusicLifeMovement/Not Easy At All Prods
20_Glen Washington – My Life

ChezidekJudgment Time 2010 JahSolid Rock & Not Easy At All Productions
21_Chezidek – Live and Learn

V.A. – I-Grade Compilation – Joyfull Noise 2009 I Grade Records
22_Midnite-IGrade – Judgment in Measurement (Discipline riddim)

ZionStrictly Roots 2010 Skank Records
23_Zion – Let us Be

-ZonaReGGae BEST of 2010-The People Choices Voting Poll –
5th 2010 sound review –More Roots Revival Choices –

SativaCaso Sério 2010 Sativa free download
[Download of the Month #12 Choice]
24_Sativa – Red Eyes
25_Sativa – Caminhar

26_Ras Bruno – Sorte Madrastasingle (mp3 promo) 2010 Herban Music

27_Ras Bruno – Bring I Roots More Univershall (mp3 promo) 2009 Springline Jamaica

28_Drummie Dan meets The Manor – Roots Tingmp3 single 2010 free download @ Talawa.fr http://www.talawa.fr/media/drummie-dan-meets-the-manor-qRqcV

29_The Manor – Gotta Find a Way (Spread Jah Love) – single mp3 promo 2010 Manor´s Ark
ID The Manor


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