ZonaReGGae BEST of 2010 – The People Choices – VOTING POLL



A votação anual dos melhores em rotação na ZonaReGGae está de volta, com as escolhas deste ano 2010!


Naquele que foi um grande ano para a música reggae nos estilos Roots, Dub & Revival, privilegiados nas rotações da ZonaReGGae, destacamos nesta edição BEST of 2010: a presença de 5 grandes retornos de veteranos da música Jamaicana; 5 lançamentos do nosso reggae nacional; muitas descobertas de alto nível no mundo underground e independente e mais de 15 países representados!

Para a 6ª edição deste espaço, retornamos ao formato original de uma única votação, com os 53 álbuns destacados ao longo dos últimos 12 meses, mais uma entrada especial a premiar a nossa escolha de
Download Gratuito do Ano! (Para melhor encontrarem os vossos lançamentos favoritos a lista está ordenada alfabeticamente).

A votação é livre para todos, e este ano podem seleccionar o número de álbuns que desejarem!
As emissões ZonaReGGae de Dezembro serão dedicadas á habitual revisão sonora de todos os álbuns, com a votação aberta até ao dia 16 de Janeiro ’11.
Participa, ajuda a promover a iniciativa e apoia os teus favoritos com as tuas escolhas!

Para esta edição, o BEST of 2010 @ ZonaReGGae conta com o apoio de uma mais melhores publicações da actualidade Roots Reggae, Dub e Cultura Soundsystem, a Irie Up, friendly supporter deste ano!

Para conheceres nos links abaixo e adquirir em Portugal, através da ZonaReGGae:)

ZonaReGGae Supports Irie Up Magazine
Official website
Facebook page

Um grande Big Up, vai ainda para o brodda Rui, da Massive Deeztant Sound crew, pela força no design do Logo 2010 do Best of!


ZonaReGGae´s annual Voting Poll for the best playing at the show is back, wid the Choices for 2010!

In an amazing year for Reggae music – Roots, Dub & Revival styles – privileged at ZonaReGGae; in this 2010 BEST of edition we highlight: 5 big recording returns from Jamaican veterans, 5 brand new releases from Portugal Reggae scene, lots of underground and independent high level discoveries and more than 15 countries represented!

For ZonaReGGae´s BEST of’ 6th edition, we return to the single Voting Poll original format, featuring 53 outstanding albums highlighted all over the past 12 months, plus a special entry to reward our choice for
Free Download of the Year! (To better found your favorite release the list is sorted alphabetically).

Voting is free for all, and this year you may select the number of albums you wish to support!
ZonaReGGae December broadcasts, will be livicated to the usual albums sound review, the voting poll closes the 16th of January ’11.
Show your support by promoting and spreading the initiative and chosing your favorites!

For BEST of 2010 @ ZonaReGGae we are honored to present IRIE UP Magazine as dis years friendly supporter!
One of the best Roots Reggae, Dub & Soundsystem Culture magazines around, and definitely the fastest growing one, ZonaReGGae is also proud to provide it in Portugal for the 1st time!

Irie Up is truly worth of checking out…So gwaan and Irie up yourself!

ZonaReGGae Supports Irie Up Magazine
Official website
Facebook page


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46 Responses to “ZonaReGGae BEST of 2010 – The People Choices – VOTING POLL”

  1. Tijana Says:

    I’ve vote for the fc apatride unt because i love their music!!
    Get’s you moving.. and they’re from my country!! Reggae Serbia!! 🙂

  2. Tijana Says:


  3. Bane Says:

    Go FC 🙂

  4. Signore Lazzio Says:

    FC Apatride UTD better than Manchester UTD 😀 lol

  5. JaZa Says:

    FC Apatride UTD fireing the truth in your face

  6. Sebouh Says:

    Fc apatride utd for sure!!!
    the Only band that defines the word Reggae these days!

  7. bob Says:

    FC Apatride UTD !!!

  8. alexandra Says:

    Fc apatride united is just great!!

  9. Daniel Treanor Says:

    fc utd

  10. giro Says:

    Italy for FC !

  11. reggaeglow Says:

    fc big up

  12. RasJoy Says:

    Massive Roots album !!
    Blessings for bringing back the roots !!
    Selassie I

  13. eliaaa Says:

    warning for babylon

  14. crabman Says:

    FC apatride of course!

  15. Drummie Dan Says:

    Revelation Congo by The Manor is a wicked album…

  16. john forwell Says:

    sorry for being biased but fc seem to have all there buddies voting here,but my vote is for revolutionary dub vibrations chapter 1

  17. Yabass Says:

    The Manor.obviously..real people music

  18. king t Says:

    i vote for revolutionary dub vibrations chapter 1

  19. del Says:

    The Manor – Revelation Congo cool stuff…

  20. Debstar Says:

    The Manor! 🙂

  21. emma Says:

    the manor he the best

  22. Sue Bailey Says:

    The Manor..rules..wicked..:)

  23. bradles Says:

    go manor

  24. jimmy Says:

    the manor is the one, keep up the good work

  25. kell Says:

    the best 1 so far

  26. laura Says:

    gwann manor

  27. laura Says:

    gwann manor go go

  28. king t Says:

    this is a bullshit poll,people just vote because they are asked to do so in e mail.i say get a independant person to decide .bullashit

    • selecta Says:

      Irie King T,
      Well, not just by email…facebook,website,myspace,blogs,twitter (even heard some cell phone messages are beeing sent:) The people come to vote, because the artists/labels ask for their SUPPORT, and that is what reggae music should be all about, supporting each other.
      We do the best we can to spread the word about our poll, but ultimately, it´s all about the joy of watching it spread around! It´s been like this for 6years now, and the truth is, more independent artists/labels, get more votes than the bigger ones, cause many of them really dont care that much bout this works.
      Bottom line is, it´s called THE PEOPLE CHOICES, and anyone can choose to vote..or not. If we were to get an independent person to decide? hum…you have the Grammy awards for that, and theres not realy much fun in those.
      Bless up!

  29. emma Says:

    trenchtown is my fav manor track

  30. king t Says:

    yes very valid points about facebook etc.but im sure most of these voters have never even heard the albums they are voting for ,which to me make the poll pointless and more like a american political rally.canvassing for votes as i said .bullashit.sorry.

    • selecta Says:

      No need to sorry yourself King! it´s your opinion, valid one, and I accept your point of view. Altough I wouldnt state the poll as pointless…at least we are giving some exposure to less known artists that dont feature that much and very well deserve it!
      It´s always good to have this kind of reasonings, once thats the way to try and improve things for the future times. Will think about it and see what we can work out for the future, that may seem more real to you.
      Already thinked bout your comments, and decided to bring out (after the poll is over) ZonaReGGae choices for 2010 in various categories. sounds good?

      Anyway, you must have your favorites right? hope to count wid your votes and opinions!

  31. zombie Says:

    Sardinia for FC

  32. Gunner Says:

    FC set fire pon Babylon

  33. Djordje Says:

    They are sooooo gooood…. :DD

  34. Alekos Says:

    Greece for FC!

  35. Nenad Says:

    Fc apatride !!!!

  36. vitamin rootz Says:

    Solo Banton – Walk like Rasta – best reggae album out of the UK in years big up Solo and the Realty Shock crew. Walk like Rasta – vote like Rasta. Also glad to see fc getting some attention at last – Big up all Reggae producers, artists and fans, all the albums here are good One Love

  37. heidi Says:

    greatest fc!!!!!

  38. Sloba Says:

    best serbian reggae!!!!! POSTOVANJE!!!!

  39. majadabic10@gmail.com Says:

    the besttttttt fc apatride!!!!!!!!

  40. Paor Says:

    FC Apatride, Belgrade city big up!

  41. nenad Says:

    the best

  42. nenad Says:

    FCAU is the best

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