ZonaReGGae Playlist 24 Novembro 2010 – Entrevista LIKE THE MAN SAID

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01_Easy Star All- Stars – Time (Groove Corporation Remix) Dubber Side of the Moon 2010 Easy Star Records
02_Easy Star All- Stars – Time Version (Michael G Easy Star All-Stars Remix)

03_ Apple Gabriel – We Are The World Teach Them Right (mp3 promo) 2010 JahSolidRock & Not Easy At All Productions
04_ Apple Gabriel – She´s My Comforter

05_Ken Booth With The Tamlins – I Will Forgive YouFoundation Compilation – Reggae Series Volume One 2010 MusicLifeMovement
06_Errol Dunkley – Don’t Go
Errol Dunkley Jingle
07_Errol Dunkley – Live Upright Live Upright 10inch (mp3 promo) 2010 Reality Shock Records
Errol Bellot – Everything Possible

08_Errol Bellot – BabylonReality Shock Vol.1 2008 Reality Shock Records

Vibronics12X7inch series 2010 (mp3 promo) Scoops Records http://www.vibronics.co.uk
09_Vibronics & Echo Ranks – Let His Name Be Praised
10_Vibronics & Tony Roots – Let´s Praise Jah
11_Vibronics & Madu Messenger – On That Day

12_WebCam Hi-Fi feat.Madu Messenger – Grace of JahLivity is My Temple 2009 Tube Dub Sound Records
WebCam Hi-Fi – Grace of Dub

Steve Steppa Meets Samson ‘Inna Brass Echo Chamber’ (mp3 promo pre-release) 2010 Springline Jamaica
13_Steve Steppa & Samson – Samson Seeks Satallite
14_Steve Steppa & Samson – Strange Weather Saxophone Weather
15_Steve Steppa & Samson – RastaSax

16_Manwel T – Forward Ever DubVirtual Dub 3 2010 DubKey Records CC License release @ http://dubkey.com/dubkey008.html

17_Alek6 – Krimy Inside 2010 Hammerbass Records

Easy Star All- StarsDubber Side of the Moon 2010 Easy Star Records
18_Easy Star All- Stars – Step It Pon The Rastaman Scene (Border Crossing Remix)
19_Easy Star All- Stars – Eclipse (Victor Rice Remix)
20_Easy Star All- Stars – Brain Damage (Adrian Sherwood & Jazzwad Remix)

21_The Grasspoppers – RootsmanPresent Dub Inna Week 2010 Grasspoppers

22_Like The Man Said – Mystic Revelations 1NE 2010 Confidential Records/Like The Man Said
-ZonaReGGae Interviews…MUGSY (LIKE THE MAN SAID) – Part I-

23_Like The Man Said feat.One Love Family – Regressions
24_Like The Man Said feat.Lutan Fyah – More Conscious=More Fyah

-ZonaReGGae Interviews…MUGSY (LIKE THE MAN SAID) – Part II-
25_Like The Man Said – E.K.

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