ZonaReGGae Reviews…DUBMATIX – ‘System Shakedown’

Dubmatix System Shakedown 2010 Renegade Media

Acclaimed, by BBC Radio Don Letts, as ‘Canada´s Dread at The Controls’ and, after winning 2010 Juno Award for Best Recording of the year (with Gonna Be Alright feat.Prince Blanco), everyone surely wondered about the follow upcoming album to the worldwide praised, Renegade Rocker in 2008…
Jesse King aka Dubmatix, took is time, and in between touring, producing, remixing, he reached out the people wishing to work with, and took a year to craft the tunes for each of them! The line up chosen for System Shakedown was a challenging one, and still with some surprise we are presented with a high demanding production level, from a man who surely enjoys the music he´s playing!

The first high point in System Shakedown is that Dubmatix is really exploring and blasting subs potential in every style he brings, so this one is guaranteed to move those speakers out! Heavy bass lines inna Roots & Culture way and also into some groundbreaking electronic experiments!
It´s true the couple of new electronic dub approaches, by the first half of the album, are unusual, but presents once more Dubmatix´s diversity, variety and creativity in both playing and producing tracks.

Opening wid a Groovy hip hop & dubstep styled beat for Kulcha Ites flowing in rhymes, and teaching how to do the Wooble Weeble, he than brings some wicked Breaks wid a Dancehall groove, on Dem no Like it featuring Omar Perry.
More into the experimental side, Ragga Twins guest wid a long riding, over a creative dubstep approach, bringing one of the proper ways to Dubstep the reggae vibe.
In Demand Jamaican born singer Ammoye, features also in fine style Locking Down Babylon. A Dark but wicked Electro Dancehall tune, which will make ya move for sure!

In between, two tunes ease your mind, first wid an amazing flow from UK veteran Brother Culture, mashing up the dancefloor, in the irie and uplifting Rough Likkle Sound. Cultural sound begins to come out, certainly even more in the classic Rockers tradition tune, Celebrate my Love, wid veteran, from Jamaican – Toronto long time connection, Jay Douglas soulful touch giving the first hints about the Roots music in System Shakedown!
Deep Dark Dub, a classic Dubmatix steppers Dub track, turns System Shakedown into part 2…were we are treated wid a second half showdown by Jamaican veterans!

Mighty Diamonds were presented specially, wid a classic one drop roots tune to shine their harmonies, sufferers cry inna Give a Helping Hand…And remember nice 80T´s roots music wid that sweet Rub a Dub bassline? It´s back wid Dubmatix style all over it! In the track System Breakdown, a supposed  Gregory Issacs featuring, recently anounced by Dubmatix as a Jamaican scammer who has been pretending to be him…(Check more on this at  UNITED REGGAE.COM NEWS).

The 1st single chosen for System Shakedown(released at German Irie Ites Records), brings Tippa Irie singjaying in a lovers mood, bringing Happy vibes and memories; and there´s another powerful steppers tune featuring long time veteran Dennis Alcapone, shouting bout the Struggle in his everlasting unique deejay style.

Close to end Dubmatix brings once again a Drum n Bass extravaganza! Drums mixing wid Dub elements and a Heavy Bassline, exploding just in the right time to vibez up the place man, I ear Drum n Bass! All wid veteran U Brown always in top form, deejaying about What ya Gonna Do to stop me now.
There should be no stop on it, when the music is sounding pure niceness all over so many different approaches, but it comes to an end in the best way it could…Finishing wid the second clean track on the album, Dubmatix recalls and pays tribute to the reason for all this music to be, and brings a spiritual Roots Dub tune wid Kingdom Dub, uplifted by beautiful horns section.

One of the most exquisite things about Dubmatix way of creating music is that it´s produced in the way live mixing dj oriented music is! Always giving you the clean track by the end, or a smooth outro to bring the next tune.
Needless to say that since, at least, acclaimed 2008 Renegade Rocker album, Dubmatix should be a must play presence, in every called Reggae / Dub Selector,DJ or soundsystem set, and I´m guessing that after they listen to Kulcha Ites demanding by the end of the open track, Hey Dj drop that needle! Every Dj will be wanting to drop it on dis one!
Dubmatix is reaching the King status, and System Shakedown certifies The Dread at The Controls tag!

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ZonaReGGae reviews…Renegade Rocker

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