ZonaReGGae Playlist 17 Fevereiro 2010-BEST of 09-DUB Top 10 results!

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01_Zazen – Dub Town Self Control 2010 Fresh Poulp Records CC License free release @ http://www.fresh-poulp.net/

02_Lion I Levi-False Ruler Dub (live dub mix reworked) single mp3 2010 Cosmic Jah/Sprinline Records

03_Ras Amerlock – Tread Wise VersionA Bass Oddity ‘Trinity All Stars’ 2010 LCL records CC License free release @ http://www.lclweb.org/

04_Dub Engine – Every Dub Shall Scrub (Scientists Remix) Dub Engine 2009 Irie on Air RecordsCC License free release@http://www.irieonair.com

-ZonaReGGae BEST of 09–The People ‘DUB’ Choices –TOP 10 results–

-Nrs 10-
05_Liquid Stranger – Full Metal JacketIntergalactic Slapstick 2009 Interchill Records

06_System Error feat.Michael Rose – Time Bomb (Dub) Various Artists – One Dub 2009 Interchill Records

-Nrs 09-
07_Zion UK – BredinWebCam Hi-Fi meets I-Plant (10’’ series) 2008 Tube Dub Sound Records

08_Dubkasm feat.Tena Stelin – More Jah SongsTransform I 2009 Sufferah’s Choice

09_Firuzaga – Serious JokahVarious Artists – Dub Tentacles Vol.1 2009 Fresh Poulp Records

10_The Dub Machinist – OuternationalWorldwide Dub 2009 Control Tower Records

-Nr 08-
11_Dub Creator – What a SituationZion Train – Live as One Remixed 2009 Universal Egg

-Nr 07-
12_Dub Terror feat.Echo Ranks & Santanu – ShinobiDub Terror 2009 Universal Egg

-Nr 06-
13_Weeding Dub feat.YT – Baby Father(remix)Sound of Reality LP 2009 Control Tower Records/Noir C Noir Prod.

-Nr 05-
14_Kanka feat.Mc Oliva – KroketSub.mersion 2009 Hammerbass Records

-Nr 04-
15_Duck – RumoursLogical Fallacy 2009 Fresh Poulp Records

-Nr 03-
16_Bandulu Dub Meets Takanishi Tomoyasu- Mechanisms and Processes – Spiritual Evolution 2009 Fresh Poulp Records

-Nr 02-
17_Dubalizer – Salvia DivinoriumSub-Existência 2009 Fresh Poulp Records

-Nr 01-
Various Artists – Northern Faction Vol.4 2009 Balanced Records
18_Dubmatix- Black Madonna Dub
19_Noiseshaper – Universal

ZazenSelf Control 2010 Fresh Poulp Records CC License free release @ http://www.fresh-poulp.net/
20_Zazen – Inroad
21_Zazen – World at War
22_Zazen – Overland (Dubalizer remix)

23_Leroy Smart – JahoviaCultural Warriors present Classic Reggae Recut Chapt.1 2009 Cultural Warriors Music

24_Dan I Locks – Steppin 12’’ (mp3 promo pre-release) 2010 Cultivators Records

25_CounterAction Warriors Feat.Izyah Davis – Look How Long45’’ (mp3 promo) 2009 Counteraction Soundz

26_Abassi All Stars – Eko DubDub Conference series 3 – 7’’(pre-release promo mp3) 2010 Deep Root/Universal Egg

27_The Red Earth Collective & Soothsayers Horns – Can’t Live Without it (Music) Red Earth Dub 2010 Red Earth Records


One Response to “ZonaReGGae Playlist 17 Fevereiro 2010-BEST of 09-DUB Top 10 results!”

  1. sirhill Says:

    Give Thanks to support Control Tower records
    Big Up Ricardo

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