ZonaReGGae Playlist 24 Dezembro 2008

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01_Dubin Hood – Three Winds of DubwoodNorthern Faction 4 2008 RDX, Balanced Records Inc

02_Born Free & Lee Perry – Born mp3 promo 2008 pre-release from ‘Divine Madness album’ http://www.myspace.com/bornfree1

03_Born Free – Inificationmp3 promo 2008 pre-release from ‘Divine Madness album’ http://www.myspace.com/bornfree1

WebCam Hi-Fi meets I-Plant 10 inches 2007/2008 Tube Dub Sound Records

04_Ranking Joe – Fi Dis

WebCam Hi-Fi & I-Plant – Fi Dub

05_No More Babylon feat.Kenny Knots – Jah Love (Vibronics rmx)Bring jah Love riddim 10” EP pre-release 2008 Echowise

06_Pama International – Highrise (Mungos Hi Fi Dubstep) Highrise Campaign 2009 Rockers Revolt

V.A. – Northern Faction 4 (mp3 promo) 2008 RDX, Balanced Records Inc

07_Cain & DJ Brace – Slammed

08_Noiseshaper – Universal

09_Dubmatix – Black Madonna Dub

BEST of 2008 @ ZonaReGGae Sound Preview #3No Compromise Just Dubwise choices-

(Voting Poll on da Run @ zonareggae.wordpress.com)

DubmatixDread & Gold “Dub from the Smoke Factory” 2008 Dubmatix digital release

10_Dubmatix- Renegade Rockers Dub

11_Dubmatix- Aint Got No Love Dub

DubmatixRenegade Rocker 2008 7 Arts Entertainment

12_Dubmatix Feat.Linval Thompson –Peace and Love

13_Dubmatix Feat.Willi Williams – Re-Action

Reality Shock crewReality Shock Vol.1 2008 Reality Shock Records

14_Marga – Dem Wrong

15_Errol Bellot – Reality Shock

16_Afrikan Simba – Free Up The Herb (Free Herbs Disciples dub riddim dubmix)

Vibronics UK Dub Story 2008 Scoops Records

17_Vibronics feat. Echo Ranks – Long Time Dub

18_Vibronics – Dub Lalibela

V.A.Italian Dub Community showcase vol.1 2008 AQUIETBUMPnet label

(Free mp3 download @ http://www.aquietbump.com/aqbmp011.html)

19_Music Inna House – Across the Dub

20_Imperial Sound Army – Creation

V.A.Dubnight Compilation Vol.2 2008 Dubnight Project (Free Download @ myspace.com/dubnightproject)

21_Jahcoustix & Dubios Neighbourhood – Dubios dub Dance

22_Zion Train feat.Earl 16 – Give me Good (dubplate mix)

V.A.Lead with the Bass 3 2008 Universal Egg

23_Ital Horns – Purification (dubplate version)

24_University Of Roots and Culture Sound System – Universal Dub (dubplate version)

Tony Tuff meets Earl 16…at the Dubfront Showcase Style 2006 Dubfront Outernational

25_Perch,Zion train RMX – Fire Dub

26_Earl 16 feat.Ranking Joe – Hail the Rastaman(extended)

Mungo’s Hi Fi Soundsystem Champions 2008 Rockers Revolt

27_Mungo’s Hi Fi feat.Ranking Joe – How you bad so (Mexican Bean riddim version dubmix)

28_Mungo’s Hi Fi feat.Mikey Murka – Old time dance


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