ZonaReGGae Playlist 26 MARço 2008

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Livicated to the Life, Work & Memory of Michael Campbell (1954-2008)

01_Mikey Dread – His Emperial MajestyRasta in Control 2002 DATC
02_Mikey Dread – Resignation DubAfrican Anthem 1979 DATC

03_Mikey Dread – Barber Sallon (dub mixed)Dread at the Controls ‘Evolutionary Rockers’ 2005 DATC

04_Mikey Dread – Dread CombinationDread at the Controls ‘Evolutionary Rockers’ 2005 DATC
05_Mikey Dread – East Portland DubDread at the Controls ‘Evolutionary Rockers’ 2005 DATC

ZonaReGGae interviews Mikey Dread (June 2007) part 1

06_Mikey Dread – Warrior StyleeWorld War III (1981) reissue 2002 DATC

07_Mikey Dread – Israel (12tribe) style (extended)World War III(1981) reissue 2002 DATC

08_Mikey Dread – Operators ChoiceAfrican Anthem 1979 DATC

09_Mikey Dread & crewResignation versions 7” (dubmix) 2007 DATC
Rod Taylor – His Emperial Majesty
Mikey Dread & King Tubby – Dread all the Way
Hopeton Lindo – Black History
Mikey Dread & King Jammy – Recollection Rock

ZonaReGGae interviews Mikey Dread (June 2007) part 2
(Showcasing Stem Cells & Soundbwoy Special from Life is a Stage 2007 DATC)

10_Mikey Dread – Roots & Culture12” 2005 DATC
11_DATC Dubcrew – Jungle Signal 12” 2005 DATC

12_Mikey Dread – Tribal Dub (special tribute jingled remix)African Anthem 1979 DATC


2 Responses to “ZonaReGGae Playlist 26 MARço 2008”

  1. April Says:

    Very nice interview with Mikey Dread; a great honour to have had that opportunity.
    Love your show, I listen to just about every reggae podcast and recently hooked on to yours which has been a breath of fresh air as I’m hearing new material especially with the European dub scene which I’m just getting into now. So thanks for that and good luck.

    • selecta Says:

      Yes I April:)
      It was an amazing bless for sure to interview Mikey Dread, specially because he is I main inspiration for the radioshow and all reggae promotion works!
      I try to bring out the best from the independent and underground scenes, and its a bless to know its reaching people like you!
      Give thanks for the support and listening!

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