ZonaReGGae Playlist 12 MARço 2008

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01_Earth Roots Water –Tribulations (dub extended)Innocent Youths 2008 Light in the Attic mp3 download available @ www.lightintheattic.net

02_Jerry Brown – Dreadlock Lady (dubextended)Summer Records Anthology 1974-88 2007 Light in the Attic,Ananana

03_Noel Ellis – To Hail Sellassie (dubextended)Light in the Attic Sampler 3.0 2007 Light in the Attic,Ananana

04_Joe Higgs – Who Brought Down the CurtainsLife of Contradiction 2008 Pressure Sounds

05_Delroy Wilson – You Never Get AwayU Brown Hit Sound 1978-1981 2007 Roots Records

06_Culture – BeholdPure Reggae ’48 original hits by original artists’ 2007 EMI

07_Anthony Johnson – What Kind of HerbGun Shot [deluxe edition] 2007 Roots Records

08_Blue Drapers Band – ZagazaBabylon Pan Them download available @ http://www.go-jam.com/reggae_art_eng

09_Daddy Roots – We Shall OvercomeA Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr 2008 download available @ http://www.zkingofhearts.com

10_Urban Tribe Stockholm feat Selwin brown – Babylon (reprise)Whos the Enemy 2006 Adam Atterby Muskiproduktion

11_Positive Roots Band & Bob Wasa feat.Gregory Isaacs – Oh JohnnyRainbow 2007 Positive Roots Band

12_Midnite-I Grade – Stretch OutRule the Time 2007 I Grade Records

13_Joshua Alo – AngelAnswer Your Calling 2007 Joshua Alo

14_IBA feat.Rafijah – Babylon Dont LikeMany Lives 2006 Mt Nebo Records

15_Mikey Murka feat.Marga – Reggae PartyIn the Name of Love 2007 Reality Shock

16_Reality Shock crewFree Herbs riddim mix 2007 Reality Shock
Marga – Chronic
Afrikan Simba – Free up the Herb
Ras Echo & Prince Livijah – Herbsman
Disciples – Free herbs dub

17_Parvez (House of Riddim) feat.Marlene Johnson – Midnight DubDub Night Compilation VOL.1 2007 Reggae Town Records/Dubnight Project free download sampler @ http://www.myspace.com/dubnightproject

18_Vibronics – Right Phase dubRoots of Dub Funk 5 ‘Power of the Dub’ 2006 Tanty Records

Vibronics UK Dub Story(pre-release) 28.04.2008 Scoops Records
19_Vibronics – World Of Dub
20_Vibronics feat.Jah Matnyah – King’s Highway Dub
21_Vibronics – Flying Dub

22_Positronics feat. Ras Damula – Mazowademo 2007

23_Freddy Locks & Asher G – Living inna CityRoots Rock Struggeling 2004 Freddy & Asher

24_20 Pás 8 – Open Your EyesReggae War’An Anthology’ RVH prods

25_Montecara – Dark RoomSol que me Queima as Cordas 2002

26_Contratempos – Costureira dos Diabosdemo 2007 download available @ contratempos.no.sapo.pt

27_The Ratazanas – King Kongdemo 2007 download available @ theratazanas.com

28_The Slackers – Bin WaitingBrixton Cats & The Reggaeboys 2003 Brixton Records


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