ZonaReGGae Playlist 24 OUTubro 2007

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01_Positive Roots Band & Bob Wasa – Chant NyabinghiRainbow 2007 Positive Roots Band
02_Positive Roots Band & Bob Wasa – Chant dubRainbow 2007 Positive Roots Band

03_Lucky Dube – Soul TakerSoul Taker 2002 Shanachie

04_African Bush Doctor – Waiting Jah Way 2006 Jet Star

05_Anthony Que- Rising UpRecharge & Reload 2005 Charm,Jet Star

06_Cocoa Tea – They Never StopBiological Warfare 2007 Minor7Flat5

07_Josie Mel – Good for Who?This Whole World 2007 Minor7Flat5
08_Ras Myrdhdak – To Much Guns AroundPrince of Fyah vol.1 2007 Minor7Flat5

09_Sizzla – Chant Dem DownI Space 2007 Greensleeves,Musica Activa

10_ Marlon Asher – Fit & StrongLocked Out 2007 Caribbean underground Productions

11_ Eric Smith –Tour the WorldRocky Road 2007 Cultural Tallent Agency

12_Eric Smith – World DominanceRocky Road 2007 Cultural Tallent Agency

13_Soldiers of Jah Army – What Would…?Get Wiser 2005 Innerloop Records

14_Soldiers of Jah Army – Did You EverPeace in A Time of War 2002 Fox Recordings
15_Soldiers of Jah Army – Dub you EverDub in a Time of War 2005 Innerloop Records

16_Soldiers of Jah Army – Freedom Time911 singles EP 2004 Fox Recordings

17_Nasio Fontaine – Crucial Universal Cry 2006 Zest Music,Greensleeves Records

18_Bambú Station – Beloved PeopleBreak the Soil 2006 Mt Nebo Records

19_Donny Dread – LivitySet da Pace 2004 GroundBreaking Records

20_Maimon & Moongose Band – Police TerrorThird Ear 2007 Skank Records

Positive Roots Band & Bob WasaRainbow 2007 Positive Roots Band
21_Positive Roots Band & Bob Wasa –Leaders of the World
22_Positive Roots Band & Bob Wasa feat.Big Youth – Africa
23_Positive Roots Band – Africa Dub

24_The Congos & Big Youth – Feed a NationFisherman Style 2006 Blood&Fire,Musica Activa

25_Big Youth feat.Joseph Hill – His Majesty’s TeachingsRaw Truth ‘The One Riddim Showcase’ 2007 Ababa Janhoy Records

26_Kenyatta Hill – Times of Trouble Raw Truth ‘The One Riddim Showcase’ 2007 Ababa Janhoy Records

27_Joseph Hill – Behold the LandStudio One Roots 2 ‘The Original’ 2005 SoulJazz Records,Sabotage Records
28_Leroy Smart – Let Your Heart be PureDread Hot in Africa 2006 Makasound,Massala Records

29_Alton Ellis – The Humble will StumbleMany Moods of… 2006 Makasound,Masssala Records

30_Junior Ross & the Spears – Bow Down Babylon (12mix) – I Can Hear the Children Singing 1975-1978 2002 Blood and Fire

31_Ranking Dread – Dub it StarRanking Dread in Dub 2004 Silver Kamel Audio


4 Responses to “ZonaReGGae Playlist 24 OUTubro 2007”

  1. Joao Marcaelo Says:


  2. Joao Marcelo Says:

    eu gostaria que voçeis tocassem uma musica do dubmatix porque aqui no Brasil ninguem conhece…..

  3. Joao Marcelo Says:

    o melhor programa de reggae do mundo

  4. selecta Says:

    Aí João! Big Up pela tua força e positividade para a ZonaReGGae…Dubmatix request prá session da semana que vêm então! Bem haja a tua presença…Hayah Love pra ti e prós muitos bros do Brasil que se ligam nas duas horas de vibrações positivas:)

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