ZonaReGGae Playlist 19 Setembro 2007

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Zona & Sunshine Reggae Connection #2 + infos@ ZonaReGGae RadioSound Connections

01_Takana Zion – E oulé FuZion Prophet 2007 Makasound,Makafresh,Massala Records

02_Soldiers of Jah Army – Frienemy DubDub in a Time of War 2005 SOJA & Innerloop Records

03_Groundation – Feel Jah’s DubDub Wars 2006 Young Tree Records,Nocturne

04_Nucleus Roots feat.Simon Dan – Lie Dem a DubHeart of Dub 2006 Hammerbass Records,Universal Egg

05_Abassi All Stars – ProphecyDub Showcase 2007 Universal Egg

06_Digitaldubs Soundsystem – D’Oxum DubRoots of Dub Funk 5 ‘Power of the Dub’ 2006 Tanty Records

07_Jahno – King Shadock dubRoots of Dub Funk 6 ‘Variations on a dub theme’ 2007 Tanty Records

08_Positronics feat DreadRecords – Situação – demo 2006

09_Positronics feat.Ras Damula – Munzila KongoInforma (demo) 2007

10_Positronics feat.Ras Damula – VizinhoInforma (demo) 2007

11_Terrakota feat.U Roy – Soul (radioedit) Oba Train 2007 Gumalaka

12_One Love Family – I Have a Dream (MLK)Allelujah 2007 Som Livre

13_BandooDjah – Domino JahPlaneta Terra(pre-release) 2007 Madmix Studios

14_Firebug – InjustiçaOn the Move 2006 Grover Records

15_10ft Ganja Plant – Blues Dance…Presents 2001 I-Town Records

16_Reggae Bubblers feat.Heavenly Peterson – GuidanceBlack Star LIner Vol.1 2005 Reggae Bubblers,World Rights Reserved

17_Reggae Bubblers feat.Ikahba – Burn out Them IsisBlack Star Liner Vol.2 feat.’Battlefield Riddim’ 2005 Reggae Bubblers

18_Midnite & Groundbreaking – Earth Aneed 2006 GroundBreaking Records

19_Niyorah – A Different Age A Different Age 2005 I-Grade Records

20_IBA – Save the WorldMany Lives 2006 Mt Nebo Records

21_Pressure – No LimitationThe Pressure is On 2005 Tsuni Records

22_Andrew ‘Bassie’ Campbell feat.Denton Screechy – Cry fy di youthsMr. BassMan All Stars 2004 Young Tree Records,Andrew Bassie Records

23_Luciano – No MatterRevelation Time 2006 Jet Star;Charm

24_Rob Symeonn – Light of MineThe Chosen One 2006 RedBud Recordings

25_Bascom X – Badmind Young Lions Vol.2 2005 Jet Star Phonographics

26_Josie Mel feat.Smokie Benz – And I PrayRasta Still de ‘Bout 2005 Minor7flat5

27_Cocoa Tea – The WeedWeed A BUN Vol.1 2005 Jet Star Phonographics

28_Kirk Davis – God a di ManOne More Chance 2007 Utopia Records

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