ZonaReGGae Playlist 06 Junho 2007

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1-George Nooks & Steele – What´s Wrong Wid Wi?single 2006 Mobs Production

2-Steele & Queen Ifrica– New World Order‘The Love of Jah’ pre-release single (2007) Mobs Productions

3- Zukei Joseph- Ethiopia KingI´ts About Time’Fe Real’ 2006 Utopia Records

4- Jahranimo feat. Kirk Davis- Jah Jah LoveReal Life 2006 Utopia Records

5- Kirk Davis- Concuring LionOne More Chance 2007 Utopia Records

6- Dubmatix feat. Raffa – Jump & TwistAtomic Subsonic 2006 Silenc!o Records

7- Moonraisers – ‘Do the Right Step’ album Medley promo 2007 available@ http://www.moonraisers.com

8-Moonraisers – Congo SquareHuman 2003 Damp Music

Oba Train special – Entrevista Junior (Terrakota)
9- Terrakota – Maghrebi
[1st reasonings]
10- Terrakota – O Mundo nu bai Solto 
[2nd reasonings]
11-Terrakota–É verdade
[3rd reasonings]
12 – Terrakota- Sunnu Gal
[final reasonings]
13-Terrakota feat.U Roy – Soul

14- U Roy – Pass the KutchieReggae Live Sessions Vol.1 1997 Passage Productions

15- Ijahman Levi– To be Loved by JahOver Europe Live 1988 Jahmani

16- Ijahman Levi– Jah is no SecretHail I Hymn(Chapter I) 1978 Island

17- Ijahman Levi- Crazy BaldheadsIjahman Sings Bob Marley 1996 ComFour

18- King Tubby – Real Gone Crazy dubDub Gone Crazy 75-79 1994 Blood&Fire

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