Playlist ZonaReGGae 25 OUTubro 2006


!!!DOWNLOAD SeSSion!!!



1- Bambú Station- I Sing PraisesBreak the Soil 2006 Mt Nebo Records

2-Niyorah – Black Smokey MountainsA Different Age 2005 I Grade Records

3- Soldiers of Jah Army- My Life Alone Get Wiser 2005 InnerLoop Records

4- Soldiers of Jah Army- Mother NaturePeace In A Time Of War 2002 Fox Recordings

5- Soldiers of Jah Army- Only Dub Will StandDub in a Time of War 2005 SOJA & Innerloop Records

6- Groundation – Dub RiseDub Wars 2006 Young Tree Records

7- The Drastics– RansomePremonition 2005 Jump Up Records

8- The Drastics– Urban´s DubRough a Demos 2006 (unreleased myspace preview)

9- Burning Spear Little Garvey (dub intro)Our Music 2005 Burning Spear Publishing/ NTM Music

10- Burning Spear – Rocking Time(1974) Studio One Classics 2004 SoulJazz

11-Winston Jarret & the Righteous Flames –Fear notSurvival is the Game 2005 Young Tree Records

12-The Travellers – Poor Man CryBlack Black Minds 2005 Pressure Sounds/NTM Music

13- Earl 16 Daley – African TeachingPharos Frontline 2005 Pharos Records

14- Anthony Jonhson– Jah LoveGunshot 1982 Midnight Rock

15- Eek-A-Mouse – Long Time Ago (1982)– Wa-Do-Dem 2001 Greensleves

16- Tenor Saw- Ring di Alarm – 200% Dynamite 1999 SoulJazz

17- Sister Nancy- Bam Bam300%Dinamite 1999 SoulJazz

18- Sister Nancy – Transport Connection600% Dynamite 2000 SoulJazz

19- Marcia Griffiths– Freedom Chanter FightersReggae Songbirds Vol.2 2005 Charm/Jet Star

20-Queen Omega –We Can Make itReggae Songbirds Vol.2 2005 Charm/Jet Star

21-Steele feat. Geroge Nooks– Whats Wrong Wid Wisingle 2006 Mobs Production

22- Nferno Appreciate itSingles 2006 Nfermo Music

23- Abassi All Stars feat. Omar Perry – A Little Prayer Favi Rock riddim 2006 Deep Roots/Universal Egg

24- Ras IBA feat. Ijah Menelik– AfrikaMany Lives 2006 Mt Nebo Records

25- Ras IBAJah Lion – Crucial Reggae from Outside Jamaica 2004 Skank Records

26- Nasio Fontaine – CrucialUniversal Cry 2006 Zest Music/Greensleeves Records

27– Bambú Station – Brotherwood – Break the Soil 2006 Mt Nebo Records

28- Bambú Station– InjoyBreak the Soil 2006 Mt Nebo Records

29- Bambú Station – Birds I ViewBreak the Soil 2006 Mt Nebo Records

30- Midnite & I Grade – The BringersJah Grid 2006 I Grade Records


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